Jend“, “Jendar“, “Jendan” are three way to call a specific object of a Shamanic subculture called Uramai. It’s origin is from Eastern Europe and it happened to survive through history even if it’s legacy hasn’t been transmitted like all the major shamanic traditions everybody know (and maybe that’s why I wanted to learn this instead of any other thing you can learn from weird shamanic schools).

I realized it exists in Ibiza while hosting Tibetan Monks in one of my friends Ayurvedic Center. The monk wasn’t really as old as a master can appear in common imagination, we had only a few years of difference. I was working with my Shamanic Sunsets and Group Meditations while the monks where in a “Gira” (an official visit) making consultations, events and blessings.

Tibetan Monks are quite famous for their wisdom and they like the strange Featherless Shaman giving his clients the option of experimenting spiritual awareness without the heavy (and usually quite useful to people taking money from it) burden of “belief”. When I was explaining to him the The Invisible Ghost Experience we began to share ideas and in the end we came to the agreement the he would have taught me how to create a Jendar and give me one I still treasure today asking me in return to improve my manual skills to be able to create my own and then get back to him.  And now, finally, with woodcarving I reached the point where I can begin forging these artifacts keeping in my mind the wonderful teaching this monk gave to me.

Jendar isn’t a magical object or a ritual tool, it’s an Art and a Craft used though a Shamanic Channeling magnifying lens and applied to an unique meaning to be merged into something that has to be kept away from the world.  It’s a spiritually and symbolically charged artifact whose function is specific and usually requires months to create. It’s not like anything you can buy in a shop, or something you can create for yourself only. Jendar’s purpose is to consolidate a deep spiritual meaning into an artifact, bringing a secret to material plane, and a technique so little people in the world know about that this is the first time in three years I ever talked about it and only because finally I can begin to create them.

Being a Jendist, or Jendarist is not something you can learn in a weekend, a month or six months, or by reading books, it’s a 3 year legacy so serious that I can only call myself a beginner after all this time. My first Jendars and the only ones that I will make public for now as they were created partially imbued with these purpose are they are “Dragòn del Cielo y Dragòn de la Tierra” (which I will post in a few days).

This section and all the Jendars created from now on will be password protected as I will only give access to trustful people that could understand the essence of this art and that could not mistake it with cheap magick, or some noob and simple minded traps.

I will be available of creating Jendars from today, so if you want to contact me and ask for the password just write to and I will be happy to answer you.

In the meantime as I’m so happy I finally completed my formation accept the idea of a shamanic blessing to your day if you shared with me this post and this moment of joy and celebration. 🙂


Luca Povoleri

24 Replies to “Jendars”

  1. Wow non sono sicura di aver compreso tutto ma sembra davvero bellissimo!!!! Se gli anelli sono un Jendars deve essere una cosa bellissima quella che fai!!! Io voglio la password subito appena ne metti uno nuovo!!! 😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤😍

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    1. Sì Michela, appena li posto racconterò un po’. Gli anelli sono Janders perchè sono stati costruiti in un certo modo, seguendo una certa tradizione mistica e utilizzando strumenti specifici oltre quelli utilizzati per la produzione degli anelli in sé. Però a prescindere sono anelli molto amati e con una storia molto bella dietro, per cui e solo per questo saranno gli unici Janders che renderò pubblici, perchè il loro potere non è importante, ma il loro simbolo di unione e l’amore e l’affetto di amici e famiglia che mi sostenevano nell’impresa (ardua, arduissima…) sono il vero potere che hanno per me. Sai bene che io non seguo nulla ciecamente e prendo tutto per verificabile, però diventare un Jandista o Janderista e poter davvero finire i 3 anni di training è qualcosa di molto bello a prescindere da quello che significa. E beh se vedi poi le cose di intaglio che faccio, puoi capire quanto mi appassioni. 🙂


  2. This was very enlightening …i will be honest, I’m not to familiar with this concept but I find it fascinating. To be able to translate the inner self through your creations amazing. No words to express the level of self awareness it must take. I look forward to reading more 🤗🤗


    1. Yeah I found this incredibly fullfilling! Thing is sometimes you have to dare to find these little “life treasures”. Six years ago I faced an important choice. I was being trained as a Therapist in a very notorious Family Therapy Center in Europe and I had a stable future there. But I felt that it wasn’t enough. I felt psychology isn’t complete by itself. So when it came to decide to keep that journey or try a new adventure I decided to leave everything I had (I had bought a wonderful new house 6 months before…) and try the unknown. The real life behind this and Jendars and quite everything I do and know is that 100 times it’s bullshit. Sorry for being blunt but we know each other, I hope I don’t pass a line being clear about thid. World is full of people creating way to take money from anyone whose quest is to reach knowledge. But than, 1 times every 100 it happens you can find these moments of I don’t even know how to call them: happy coincidences, where finally you find the real deal. This Tibetan monk was there to pursue his own personal quest, he was in a cult that we western people revere as if it is “enlightened” or “mystical” but in the end it’s like any other monk from any other religion. Just their philosophy is nicer and some times exotic so we like it. That’s why we brought them to Ibiza, because people like them and they can do so much good. But than he himself was different. He wasn’t like the other monks giving only traditional blessings ((shamanism and some tibetan traditions are quite alike, that’s we we shared common knowledge) and using exotic influence of his culture to create wisdom or whatever people was looking for. He was like me. We don’t believe in anything and we believe in everything wen we can prove it. So he was driven to Janders himself from his superior and he just became the Janderist or Jandist of the community by the will of keeping the tradition. But when we met it was like finding another part of you and share something that feels right, that you feel is right. That’s why when he made me promise to train I wasn’t so sure first… I am an awful painter, and worse in crafting things. I had no patience, no precision, no time to lose into making objects, and of course I didn’t like to do that. But then the technique and the philosophy that he taught me were so nice I had at least to try. Being part of something so rare and unknown.. and today where it seems we know everything. It’s… really nice feeling. And now woodcarving (but any craft would be good, it’s a specific way to create art that is important. ) becomes my was of making Janders. And i’m so happy because you know.. 3 years… sounds crazy… but than here I am and I’m so happy because you can feel it when you have done it. It’s wonderful. And at the same time it’s so precious I don’t want anyone thinking about cheap magic and charms and this kind of stuff to believe not even for a second that this is what I do. I make artifacts where art (well as much art as I can produce, as I said I’m a total noob yet XD) meets shamanism. And that’s all. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your interest with me, this is one of those things I really really like. 🙂


      1. The more I read the more I want to know! I too battle that line of seeking more but not satisfied with what I find. I hope to one day connect to something as wonderful as you have. Overcoming a rough childhood; I’ve realized I coped but only through the ambitions of diving into one new project or skill after another. I realize, I’m at a point in my life where all those unfinished; unprocessed residual hurts are getting louder and louder. I seek so many different elements of self reflection and growth. I know I make progress every day but the question I plague myself with is; “Is it enough?” I do enjoy the items you create and I know it takes time to create your message to your audience … truly plan to learn more on this subject.


      2. I think that as our path is quite clear, us humans, where we are going, we should just focus on the process to reach a more easy going view of everything. Past, present, future, it’s only like a different kind of matter whose joints to other pieces are our beggining and our ends. Maybe we produce our fate every day, or maybe it’s an external force, but anyway what do matter is the process as it’s the only thing we can realy be relatively certain of. Of course re-living our past and projecting a possible future ahead of us is necessary, we can’t live only of present otherwise others will take our other time dimension and use them against us (it’s a cheap enlightmenet glitch the mindfullness trend and the focusing only on present taking away part of you and erasing your ego as an enemy). So in the end the Monk Experience for me have been quite legendary as I feel the rings I created thank to his teachings are, but in the end I think I could feel his potential only because I can feel it inside you, and inside people connecting to me on a deeper level. Not because of me or them, but because we all have this sparkle inside and if we can see a teacher in everyone else and in every experience, it will increase the chance of recognising a monk between others. 🙂 Because sometimes it’s closer then we think, the aim our heart and if I do believe in chances as we live a probabilistic determined universe, I don’t really believe in luck… 🙂


    1. Il monaco lo sento via mail e via facebook ogni tanto, era molto contento che avessi preso sul serio i suoi insegnamenti. Certo appena farò qualcosa di nuovo vedrai il post, puoi scrivermi su e ti darò la password. Tieni presente che se già il lavoro del legno richiede tempo, i Jendars sono lavori molto lunghi e non si fanno per farli, per cui magari non ne farò mai più nessun altro o forse sì. E’ un’arte molto bella e voglio rispettare i tempi delle tradizioni, perchè se non lo facessi rischierei di svuotarli della loro bellezza.


    1. Thank you livegreenpink… well my life is quite normal actually, but I’m open to suggestions from any source of our human experience, so I think that’s why sometimes I can do good stuff being as i am a no one. And yes my Ibiza experience was kinda cool, but hard fought and not easy at all. It’s been a moment of growth and a gigantic challenge, but when I was over I was changed deeply inside.


    1. Thank you akyryanfreynd! It’s not a thing I do every day, but I hope I’ll have time to create new wooden art this summer… maybe a new Jendar too, but you never know… thank you for writing!!! 😉



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