Chilean Wooden Frog

Wood: Pine Time: 8 h Tools: Scalpels and Precision Drill This frog came by an inspiration found on google, a wooden chilean frog with a stick that can evoke it's croaking by moving it on the back crest. It was created for a special friend that helped me through all the process of the creation... Continue Reading →

“The Little Princess”

Wood: Pine Time: 20 h Tools: Scalpels Everyone seem to have read the Little Prince. Not only to celebrate his poetic view of life, but to understand that everything can be better if you see it with different eyes. Someone though seem to fix him/herself only on the criticism inside the story, a good excuse... Continue Reading →

Lake view

Wood: Linden Time: 15 h Tools: Scalpels A clear example of how bad wood can influence the result, so my skills are like 6.7/10 it's normal that something can go wrong. This time I wanted to work on perspective on a landscape for the first time, but the wood piece was really bad so there... Continue Reading →

Dragón del Cielo – Dragón de la Tierra

ESP - ITA - ENG La leyenda cuenta que un tiempo la tierra era un paraíso donde el ser humano vivía en armonía con el plan de las estrellas. La naturaleza era dominada por dos principios que unían cada cosa. El Dragón de la Tierra, principio de Sabiduría y protector de inventores y constructores. Creador... Continue Reading →


"Jend", "Jendar", "Jendan" are three way to call a specific object of a Shamanic subculture called Uramai. It's origin is from Eastern Europe and it happened to survive through history even if it's legacy hasn't been transmitted like all the major shamanic traditions everybody know (and maybe that's why I wanted to learn this instead... Continue Reading →

“Prunes Be Peaches!”

Wood: Linden Time: 60 h Tools: Scalpels This was a nice story of a peach tree coming to life under a form of prune tree. That's right. We don't always have the body our soul wants, it's inevitable that sometimes and somehow, we can be trapped in a form which wasn't our first choice. Luckily... Continue Reading →

Time to Upgrade 

After a year and with 15 pieces on my shoulders I began to wonder: is this the time for a level up? I will always work with my hands but let's face it: some techniques just requires specific tools. I have always liked to reinvent hot water but this time I want to take the... Continue Reading →

“Circle of life”

Wood: Pine Time: 33 h Tools: Scalpels My second exercise of woodcarving. This was a nightmare to make. All these curves for a noob like me were quite hard to achieve, but the final result was nice to the eye. 😉

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