Lake view

Wood: Linden
Time: 15 h
Tools: Scalpels

A clear example of how bad wood can influence the result, so my skills are like 6.7/10 it’s normal that something can go wrong. This time I wanted to work on perspective on a landscape for the first time, but the wood piece was really bad so there are zones where the scalpel pulverized the wood instead of cutting it. Anyway it was a gift for my father who’s a big fan of sailing on the lake, so luckily this time my public was understanding.

The idea behind this piece is looking at the lake from the deck of a sailing boat, and when I finished the mountains and got to the boat the wood just didn’t respond well so I couldn’t create a better perspective. I’m lucky wood can’t stick on a refrigerator…

Not an epic fail, but neither winning material. Sometimes though the intention is the most important and my father felt my love in it, so it was fine. And my adventure through the realms of woodcarving is not intended to bring me money or fame, it’s a training I had to undertake to gain my Jendarist title, and a way to improve patience, focus and channeling inspiration coming from my huge imagination into something material. The lesson I learnt from this is very useful in life: if you go low cost on the raw material maybe you won’t see the difference but there will be a difference.

And dad, you’re reading this, you’re the best, even if we can’t go sailing or if we get mad at each other from time to time. We share the idea that life is an adventure, a world to explore, and if all the adventures went smooth there won’t be any reason to bear all the difficulties that implies instead of accepting a low level constant life. So, cheers to adventures and sailing in good waters and fair wind…

Luca Povoleri



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