The Invisible Ghost Experience

I have a hard time believing in anything I can’t prove with a scientific evidence. But I don’t really “believe” in science as I think we have a lot to discover yet and it will always will be this way.

So what’s the deal? Believe or not believe?

In all my journeys and adventures I learnt from a lot of different people. Teachers, Researchers, Top professionals in different fields, but also Shamans, Tibetan monks, Witches, Gurus…  everyone has been important in my world explorations as much as all the important titles and works I’ve done as a scientist, as researcher and as a psychologist.

By joining forces with both sides of the Great War of Belief I’ve learnt humbleness, patience and the true secrets of a balanced ego. I’ve voted myself to treat everyone, and everyone need something that they can understand. Because what is forced, truth or not, is not really helpful, even if it “cures”. I don’t care if you believe in God(s) or not, if you think good about science, or if you’re cool.

I fix. I empower. I help. But I don’t judge.

Am I superman? Am I a guru? Am I Someone at all? No way my friends… I just got Scorched. A lot. And I learnt my way out of that fire that lays beneath the truest core of existence.

When I began my promising career as a Psychologist in a renown clinic I got burned by the superficiality even of the top of the top of the therapists in the world. And I felt the same when I met their “holistic” counterparts. Authors of super famous books about love and “intentions”, men and women creating a profession out of nothing and low level beliefs giving people false hopes. If it isn’t for the total lack of real effectiveness of what they sell, it’s for the lack of the minimal level of understanding of what they are doing. With 2-3-7-30 days training they believe they understand the complicated nature of the universe, creating on the contrary even worse wounds in their “patients” than the ones they had in the beginning. I’ve seen psychotic breakouts created by clumsy “healers” working with things they don’t understand. Playing with people in need, like it’s some kind of sin being a normal person who doesn’t need to understand everything to get the help they deserve can be many things, but I can think only of 3:

Awful. Unbelievable. Unacceptable.

You can’t trust anyone anymore about quality. Marketing is the real king. If you have charisma or you look nice a pull the same 3 levers of human motivation, you can destroy people’s life with a great smile on your face and thousand of followers.

I’m a nobody, I’m just a fool, a tired one. Whether science of alternative I’ve grown tired of this shallow world made of “experts” building all their work on Charisma and Persuasion. Aren’t you?

But how I got int this, apart from being scorched by the evidence of a world in need? Well… I’ve been a good boy, I’ve been a naughty boy. I’ve studied hard, I’ve partied hard, I’ve worked hard. I’ve been a winner, and I’ve been a loser. And of course, if you ask me, it’s so much better to be a winner! Oh God(s)… the feeling of money and power, the people around you, staring at you, wishing to be there, wishing to have your friends… I felt what it means to get into a place and becoming the center of the attention…soooo good… but the thing is you just can’t be a winner all the time or a looser neither.. Do you think you can sit in a dark corner of existence just “flowing” and leaving the world be? Oh no, my friend, that’s not an alternative neither.

If you surrender to life accepting what it gives you and no more, you will be sacrificing a huge part of yourself…. and all this sacrifice will be filled by someone else’s will. It’s Nature’s obsession of not leaving anything empty.

So when I work, part of my challenge is to bring to the people I help those secrets, those so high priced and scarred secrets I worked so hard to get, without asking for Belief and without making new ones. That’s my Art. And I can stand the sacrifice of loneliness and the banishment from a lot of people life only because it’s what I’m good at.

This is the strength of my “Amor Fati”.

I called it: The Invisible Ghost Experience. As it’s invisible (you can’t see it), it is something that can exist or not, and it’s only importance is the experience you feel in that specific moment. No question asked.

Do not loose time googling it. There’s no book or article about it. It’s my thing… and I’m just a fool, so maybe you should just stop reading this and go back to facebook kittens…

Living belief-free isn’t easy. You may be thinking you can actually do it, but it’s humanly impossible. So my solution to the eternal nightmarish problem every existential scientist have to fight with during those sleepless nights is this: Believe in nothing, believe in everything.

The Invisible Ghost Experience draws it’s power and high efficacy from that simple concept, and that’s why I preserve part of the ritualistic aspect of the teachers I’ve learnt from.

This photo is one of the few I’ve ever made of one of those rituals I still preserve even if in my own rational and belief-free way. I called it “Releasing the Prayers to Nature”.

It’s origin is from Mongolian Shamanism, one of the strongest forms earth have ever experienced (in tradition). It’s core meaning is releasing to nature all the hopes, the dreams, the project I work with a few of my selected friends and patients. Than it’s been asked to the spirits to bring them to the world they belong to like a seed to produce a wonderful future.

I won’t tell you if it’s true or not, or whether you have to believe it or not, because that’s not the point. I can call it “Trip to Fantasyuniverse to bring the golden veil to the gods” or “Cognitive readjustment through positive reinforcement”, but the people I do it for experience great changes in their lives when I work for them.

As I said I’m a believer/not believer, and it’s not a coincidence that people I work with the Invisible Ghost Experience are actually my clients as Coach or Psychologist first or really really close friends of mine who knows my way of working. I can’t really tell what part is the most important for them. Ths Psy or the Spir. But I feel both of them are so mutual and essential, that doing one of them only will decrease critically the chance of success by creating a belief system feeding on and depending on another belief system. Which is changing one sick system with another.  

This is the hard way. There’s no shaman with no scientist and no scientist with no shaman.

Maybe spirits and energy is a real thing, so I cover it. Maybe science is the real deal, and hey, I totally cover it. But even if the spirits are fake, with science I can work. Or if science is fake or useless, with spirits I can heal.

So I ask you a question: when you go to receive help or you want to improve yourself, do you prefer a shaman or a psychologist? If you can do it for yourself, maybe googling and readni books, please call me, because you’re a genius and I want to learn from you.

Unfortunately I’m just a fool, and I hope I’ll always feel this way about myself, but when it comes to that choice I can’t avoid it… I always go hybrid…


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(My name is Luca Povoleri. I’m a psychologist, I’m a researcher, I’m a “priest” of the religion of Mankind. If you’re interested in my work and want to help me creating a better world for everyone, check out my articles or contact me at If you want to know about my coaching, my Optima Vita, or my therapies, please contact my dear friend Elisa at as I’m leaving all the practical side of my work to her to focus on my research. She’ll give you any information you may need, and arrange an appointment if I’m passing near you or if you want to come to me…

I work in Europe, and I live in Milan, Madrid and  sometimes in London. But hey, if you call me from outside Europe I will surely look into that opportunity of working and travelling!

My goal is this: I think it’s time we counteract the closure of borders and the movement of misunderstanding and discrimination born by the neglectfulness of a society where everyone can call himself Doctor, Master, Expert. I’m part of a new movement of Quality and Guarantees coming not only from titles, but from the ethical aspects of the world we live in. So if you like to support this movement with no name, if you want to join or do your part of it, please get in contact with me or leave a comment, share or like this post.

 But most important of all, please, whether you are a believer or not in anything, always leave a little corner of you for Doubt… it’s healthy.  

Have a great week.


37 Replies to “The Invisible Ghost Experience”

  1. Buongiorno Lupo. È la prima volta che ti leggo ma vedo che hai le idee molto chiare. Le streghe non curano come uno psicologo questo lo sanno tutti!! Però possiamo toccare una verità molto profonda. Se hai imparato dalle streghe dovresti stare attento a non rivelare i loro segreti per favore, mi raccomando!!!!! Il tuo messaggio è molto bello e mi piacerebbe sapere quali tradizioni hai studiato di stregonerie e magie naturali. Grazie e un saluto di streghetta!!!! ☽🔯☾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ciao Serena grazie mille per il commento. Ho studiato molte forme di cura perché sono fondamentalmente molto curioso. Ciò che utilizzo però è una forma di sintesi in cui utilizzo il confronto tra varie discipline per sfruttare il massimo di ciascuna e includerlo nel processo terapeutico. Non utilizzo cornici teoriche specifiche per evitare l’effetto ancora che spinge a persona a sentire e valutare la propria esperienza in termini di aspettative culturalmente associate all’etichetta che le definisce. Per questo motivo sacrifico la popolarità della parola magica che fa possesso come può essere il semplice riferimento teorico, il che ovviamente diminuisce la possibilità di entrare in contatto con il grande pubblico, ma al tempo stesso ottimizzo le mie possibilità di aiutare le persone. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Profondo come sempre!!!! Si sente che hai viaggiato tanto… anche in Kratimus si legge questa avventura senza luogo e senza tempo. Conta con me per sempre, se ci fossero più persone come te il mondo andrebbe diversamente!!!! Se hai bisogno di qualche aiuto per il tuo movimento di qualità conta con me!
    Adoro le foto del bosco innevato… 😍❤😍❤😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Grazie mille Michela sei sempre molto gentile! Comunque non credere io sono uguale a tutti, però non mi accontento. Mi godo le cose come vengono ma so anche lottare per il bene comune! 🙂 un abbraccio grande! 👍😉🌹🌹🌹

      Liked by 1 person

  3. È un bel messaggio. Non credo arriverà lontano però. Sai come la penso, e come dici tu sono le 3 leve che muovono tutto e tu non le vuoi usare. Con onore non si va avanti in questo mondo. Comunque dovresti scrivere in italiano…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So wonderful post!!! A little too long maybe but your philosophy is so good! I always have to tel everyone how good they are for my work and I can’t agree with you more!!! We have to fight together! Count me in!!!! 💪💪💪❤🌎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you livegreenlovepnk, your enthusiasm is invigorating, I’m sure we share the same pilosophy and I think we have a common background or similar experiences in the matter… that’s something I feel from your posts… So thank you so much for being here!!! 💪:)

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Quiall for getting my words right and for leaving your words here.
      Yes, aknowledging how fool I am in a world of fools like me has been one of the truest discoveries I made. It makes me understand I can write provocatively for instance instead of using the same style every day. I followed your blog yesterday as I liked the oneliners, which you can see are not my strength point eheh…
      I hope we can give each other beautiful moments of reading… Have a great deay!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Sì c’è spesso molto lassismo, ma è anche normale in tempo di crisi. Non è così strano. Però sul lungo periodo questo distrugge la meritocrazia e il desiderio di mantenere alta la qualità… per cui sì, c’è da unirsi e non dimenticarsi che solo se ci diamo supporto l’un l’altro possiamo farcela! 😉👍💪

      Liked by 1 person


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