“Luca’s Potions”

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Wood: Pine
Time: 22 h
Tools: Scalpels

Un-seriously folks, let’s talk about wood, herbs and alchemy. Three topics in one post, not everyday life I should say, but then it happens here too. This wood work has a year already but I didn’t want to post it because it’s not “artistic”, so I put it in the “only for myself files”, but today is a monday I’m going to the workshop later so I wanted to put this “Luca’s potions” here because in a way it’s one of those pieces that has a little part of me in it.

I love herbal remedies, I’m working with those since the beginnings of my time on earth thanks to my early access to virgin or quite virgin mountain herbs when I was a child. Than it’s the Wood Carving Passion, together with Jendarism that gave me the idea I wanted to celebrate my first natural love with my second natural love.

The alchemy thing is something only a few know about me, it is connected to a Psychic I knew back in my days looking for experimenting life at it’s fullest truing to uncover the truth about what’s invisible to the eye that in an instant went in a full trance state and told me I was an Alchemist in the city of Granada, Spain in my past life. Whenever they’ll invent a “past life viewer machine” I will tell you if it’s true, but I found it inspiring as I love alchemy as an idea of transformationa and evolution, and I love herbs.

So put these three things together, put inside the fact I love to create herbal remedies as you can see in one of my videos from back to 2014, so I wanted to create something to celebrate my love for nature.

My teacher liked the Idea there’s a “reverse u” that it’s something I do sometimes and she told me it’s a Leonardo the inventor/artist/genius thing so my self-esteem was kinda boosted that day, and the “Yin-Yang” represented by the inversion of carving, one going inside the wood, the other one going outside.

The hard part was the letters which had to be “peculiar”, but nice too and it was my first time carving words. The “o” in Potions are flowers, thats wasn’t exactely what I had in mind, but happened to be nicer and more similar to two little suns. So I left them.

Luca’s Potions are born in the moment I wanted to create Phitotherapy Creations that goes back to the idea of magic potions I like in my Science Fiction Novel creations and that bring forward the idea of maintaining balance and creating recipes completely customized around one’s body and mind characteristics.

Luca Povoleri


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