Dr. Luca Povoleri De Las Heras [EN]


Dr. Luca Povoleri De Las Heras
Psychologist| Coach| Manager| Author
Madrid – Milano – Online
Whatsapp: +34664354095
Mail: info@lucapovoleri.com

“Stop being a follower. Write your own story and become a Optima Vita Life Adventurer.”

About me:
– Creator of Optima Vita 360 – Life & Business Coaching, a highly structured and objective-based profile for personal and professional empowerment.
– 14 years international trilingual experience, wide strong meta analytic vision, always easygoing and empowering relationship.
– Elected as one of the 2020New Voicesfor #postcovid19 psycho-physical survival with my bilingual book “Super-viv(i)ente“. Coming soon in all the best Italian and Spanish libraries.

My values:
1) I don’t eat with my client.
2) Pure Experience, Zero Belief.
3) Transparency & Privacy.

Achievements and Awards:
– Creator of Optima Vita 360 – Life & Business Coaching
– Creator of Featherless Shaman therapeutic system
“Nuova Voce” 2020 for international #postcovid19 new world

Active Projects (2020):
Life Coach in Madrid and Milan
HR director, Manager & Producer in Madrid (Q17 Studios)

– “Super-Viv(i)ente”
, international pubblication by Albatros Il Filo in Italy and Spain on Christmas 2020. #optimavita360superviviente
“Il telefono cellulare: tra tecnofilia e dipendenza” on “Psicotech” 2 (IV), Franco Angeli, Milano, 2006.

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The Adventurer Path

We live once and we want our lives to matter. Optima Vita 360° can empower you with a new deeper meaning. In my clinics, at your home, online.

Health & Wellness

Mind, Body and Soul vibrate in armony while having health. Get back your balance in Health and be aware of your experience to produce the good type of Wellness while finding your Evolution path. Level up through Optima Vita 360*.

Empowerment & Business

You’re a Potential Life Adventurer that can transform every challange as opportunity. We will check and boost your Motivation maintaing your value as a Person and a Professional to be Competetive thanks to Optima Vita 360*.

Photoshooting & Advertising

Trust a Professional producer to create or your business image wether Local or Global based. Find a new and ethical way of advertising for your web, your Social Networks and your products with budget oriented and tailored fitted solutions.

Featherless Shaman

Who seek meaning need a spiritual guide. Challenge your mind without losing it… “Pure Experience, Zero Belief”. In my clinics, at your home, online.

Top 3 client choice

Optima Vita 360° Life & Business Coaching: Real and measurable objective achievement along with a complete Psychological & Coaching skillset empowered by international experience.

Mindfulness and Guided Meditation: I taught meditation to managers, CEOs, actors, politics, singers, architects, doctors… from multinational companies, to Ibiza’s beaches, to you.

Photo y Advertising Production, Events: Advertising Campaigns, lookbook, Social contents, company events, team building, spiritual retreats… Classy, experienced and budget oriented.

Coming Soon!

Super-viv(i)ente“, my first international bilingual book is coming to Italy and Spain best libraries this Christmas! .

Check the hashtag #optimavita360superviviente on IG and FB to get updates of one of the “New Voices” for a better #postcovid19 world and for the release date.


Leggi La Trilogia
di Kratimus di Atlantide

A metà tra “Il mondo di Sofia“, “Il Signore degli Anelli” e “Harry Potter, i tre libri di Kratimus di Atlantide. Scopri l’avventura del Principe dell’Abisso per affrontare la minaccia della Creatura in un mondo di Superficie pieno di alleati e pericoli. Il cammino verso la divinità non è mai stato così arduo, ma il tesoro che aspetta chi fa il primo passo verso il futuro dell’umanità vale la pena.
Un fantasy esistenziale diverso che ridefinisce il genere con una visione moderna per nulla scontata.

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