The Featherless Shaman

A good way to be aware of yourselves

Sometimes the direct way isn’t the right one to create the Change your Client is looking for.
My Featherless Shamanism or Essential Shamanism, is a personal version of Core Shamanism cleaned with my famous Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter touches that spot you can’t reach with normal therapies, changing the way therapy itself is perceived.   We’re talking about a a culture and religious free therapeutic practice where it’s nature is the experience itself without interpretation.
It’s not just a way to find a new, personal spiritual way of seeing thing without believing in god(s), spirits, and dogmas, but also the perfect path to reach your deeper self through the rhythm of the drum.
Several rituals have been anthropologically translated to our modern culture to help guiding the client to find his/her spiritual truths, his inner power, or his healing capabilities without  judging or trying to give an explanation in a psychologically, spiritual or physical way,
I think Shamanism is a great complementary treatment that makes a psychological session much complete and a coaching session an entirely different experience.

The Gentenaimei Totem

During my travels I learnt from a Buddhist Monk in Ibiza how to create Jendars, mystical artifacts created by me and infused with a special meaning through a long thorough ritual coming from our Asian ancestors.
Gentenaimei is my Public Totem for my “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” shamanic meditations and rituals for individuals, couples, families and groups. With time I created a Private Gentenaimei Circle composed by Rational people who doesn’t need to believe in stories and legends and that just feel the experience we share with my simple Drum.
“Featherless” means nothing more than the essential, you are welcome here exactly the way you are. But… as the turtle say, people trying to use stories and legends (un)awarely to take people Belief Power and use for themselves are in the wrong place.
We are not looking for gods and spirits, we are a strange family, lots of us don’t know each other because we work at distance, and still we just meditate asking for ourselves and sharing it with the others.
If you want to join, write me at .

“Let’s create TRUST, not BELIEF!”

“This is why I accept performing a Shamanic Ritual only for those who had experimented my Featherless Shamanic meditations first. Ancient powers are based on ancient beliefs, let’s try with your own power first…”


1) Pure Experience, Zero Belief. Do not “believe” in this, not even in me, try it with me, experiment it.
2) We are one species, humans. No differences.
3) A rational person has no obligation to lose the sight of the invisible worlds. It is possible to feel their power without falling in strange people’s nets…
4) Evereything we co-create is shared. We are individuals and we are one.
5) Select your information and chose who you want close to you.
6) There are on Enemies for the Life Adventurer, but there are people who will oppose you and toxic people too. It’s healthy to treat them as they are.
7) Nothing is free. Everything is an exchange.
8) What we cant’ measure can’t be assumed as the foundation of our beliefs and existence in no case at all. That doesn’t mean they are not real.
9) Faith has no balanced power if you are not trained to use it.
10) Use Love, but has a human, you don’t have to try to be a god.

What is the difference between a Featherless Meditation and a Featherless Ritual?
The Featherless MEDITATION uses the DRUM to evoke your power adapting an ancient ritual to you.
The Featherlss RITUAL is a faithful reproduction of the ancient use of the DRUM calling for spiritual aids.

Energetic Therapies or Holistic Therapies?

We speak of Energetic Therapy when it works on subtle bodies and physical body at once. This is because “physical” reality is a form of Energy, and what we consider as solid is a “functional illusion” as it helps our perception system through our 5 senses to interact with this layer of reality.
This is explained at an “energetical level” through body energetic fields theories, chakras, and consciousness projection on universe theories, while at the “scientific level” it is explained through emotional and symbolic world affecting body theories, like psychosomatic and applied concepts of quantistic physics philosophy to health and wellness, like the fractals theory. The “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter I use in every session is the the perfect way to empower my clients creating trust and not belief.

We speak of Holistic Therapy when we take in consideration all possible causes of the client’s symptoms to work on most of them, possibly all of them, at the same time. This means a 360° therapy giving the same importance to physical, psychological, and spiritual/energetical aspects. Here we talk about spiritual/energetical meaning man natural transcendence wish, not it’s religious or philosophical believing. Holistic means “team work” too. That means leaving part of your profit to create a the right threatment for the unique case of each client.

Energía o Información?

When we talk about “Energy” in alternative therapies, people always think about some kind of magical flow. At the contrary with the developing of quantic physics, a change in reality perception has been done.
Everything is energy, subatomic variations and vibrations that make all we can perceive possible. But for human being, as we are highly specialized comunication animals, “Energy” just means “Information”.
Although we live in our “rational state” of consciousness we often forget that the most part of our thoughts processes are subconscious.  
Reiki, regressive therapy, shamanism, therapy with crystal. If they are part of a 360 psychological and medical threatment, they are just a way to work with our symbolic mind. 
So it’s not about believing, it’s about recognizing the multiple layers reality of our
nature, and understanding the information they can provide, to reach a global view of wellness and health.