The Empowerer Story

This adventurer is an ordinary man. He is a man you could find anywhere. The Gods favoured him but they didn’t expect anything special from him, for he is just another pawn they can find anywhere else. However this adventurer is slightly different from the others, he is always concocting strategies, thinking, taking action, training, using his words and being thorough…
And then, one day, the Gods finally realized he would probably never save the world…. but he would never let them roll the dice without saying something about it. And that’s why even the Gods don’t know the fate of this particular adventurer, they’re curious though, to know what his next step would be..

Empower Yourself and your Business

Top-3 Skills

Optima Vita 360°

A unique ally to check the weight of your backpack, to train you every day and to help you evolve from Survival Mode to Living and, if you can to Super-Living.
Real and measurable objective achievement along with a complete Psychological & Coaching skillset tuned by international experience and a touch of out-of-the-box special techniques.

Mindfulness and Guided Meditation

Meditation is essential for the modern Adventurer. Just forget what you found in crowded centers and “enlightenend” people… Learn it from someone that trained Manager at CEO level in multinationals as much as Ibiza tourists and Milan Lawyers. This is something you don’t easily find around.

Photo y Advertising Production, Events

Advertising Campaigns, lookbook, Social Contents, and every kind of Professional Photoshooting for pulicity as much as company events, team building, spiritual retreats. With class, experience and budget sensitivity.

“I didn’t have money, friends or contacts when I began. Everything you see is the result of a real Life Adventurer. No slogan or cheap charisma-based-coaching motivation. I’m Luca.”

My Background

“This is My Story, and it’s not just a story… it is a proven reality. Self-made man with good allies found on my path… So, my name is Luca Povoleri, I am a trilingual Neuropsychologist specialized in Systems Communications. I’m Life Coach and Manager of one of the most famous Photographic Studios for Advertising in Madrid. I’m Producer of Photoshooting for advertising and company events for magazines and international brand. I like to try to be an author too in my “quality time” and a passionate shamanic practitioner as well as meditation trainer. My efforts are to create the Real awareness that only a Pure Experience, Zero Belief system can bring to Real people.
As I like to define myself I’m an Adventurer of the “Empowerer” type. I know some secrets about Human and Companies Communication Systems and I use them for those who need them at a reasonable fare. I do not work for free, I’m an Adventurer so if you choose me you’re choosing above the average, otherwise we’re losing time. My favourite focus is the Narrative Metaphore that I am able to change bringing you through exotic realms of the mind to create Miracles.
I’m the proud Creator of Optima Vita 360*, a strong skill-based coaching system (charisma free), summing up my 14 years of international experience as therapist, as consulent in HR and as a Life Adventurer to Change patterns, Heal souls and Evolve humans and companies.”

One man, three Adventure paths:
Life, Power, Communication.

Health & Wellness

Mind, Body and Soul vibrate in armony while having health. Get back your balance in Health and be aware of your experience. Second step is rejoyce with Wellness, the fertil soil where you can grow promises. Connect with your source of eternal youth. And if you are there, the las step: Evolution. Beyond “normal” there is a a goal that every biological being wants to reach secretely through their genetic legacy. Level up through Optima Vita 360*!

Empowerment & Business

You’re a Potential Life Adventurer that lives every challange as opportunity. You know who you are, you accept it and lives in armony with everyone else. Empower your Motivation: You’re a both Person and a Professional, you want to know your specific motivational keys to live your success happily through realistic self-realization. Be Competetive! Get to know your inner territory, select your allies and plan your life and your work with Optima Vita 360*!

Photoshooting & Advertising

Trust a Professional: it’s a special moment, you just opened your business, you want a make over of your image and you need someone to advise and produce it. Go Local: you’re an entreprenour, you have your brand and you want professional advertising for your web, your Social Networks and products. And find your place on Global scale: you have a national or international brand and you want a complete advertising campaign, a press conference or a special event.

Transmitting Inspiration and Knowledge to Real People.

La Trilogia di Kratimus di Atlantide

A metà tra “Il mondo di Sofia“, “Il Signore degli Anelli” e “Harry Potter, i tre libri di Kratimus di Atlantide. Scopri l’avventura del ragazzo dell’abisso per affrontare la minaccia della Creatura in un mondo di Superficie pieno di alleati e pericoli. Il cammino verso la divinità non è mai stato così arduo, ma il tesoro che aspetta chi fa il primo passo verso il futuro dell’umanità vale la pena. Un fantasy esistenziale diverso.

Map (I can be everywhere but right now I’m here)

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