“The Little Princess”

Wood: Pine
Time: 20 h
Tools: Scalpels

Everyone seem to have read the Little Prince. Not only to celebrate his poetic view of life, but to understand that everything can be better if you see it with different eyes. Someone though seem to fix him/herself only on the criticism inside the story, a good excuse for serial-victims happy to bend the author’s metaphors to justify their lack of willpower to change their lives. In real life you can choose not to grow roses for instance, but apple trees. Strong, independent, and yet flourishing and life giving apple trees can be a very healthy alternative to roses whose beauty will perish with no more than a beautiful shape for the eyes of those who causally find them in their steps.

So as the serial-victims bend their life finding inspiration in how delicate the rose is someone can instead think of creating a different kind of “bending” dedicated not to those who sees beauty in what’s beautiful, but to those who can experience beauty in everything.

The Little Princess, strong, the same sword of her counterpart, the same curious and yet mature wish to learn about the world and her clear eyes watching a strong apple tree under the protection of the fox.  An apple tree doesn’t really need you to nurture him, but in a good and fertile soil he can independently take care of himself and at the contrary of the rose he can give back the love he receives with juicy fruits.

This late reversed-male-chauvinism that transforms every classic hero in it’s female form in a perverted and totally unsatisfying way to create equality by simply changing gender is son of a society too childish to see that any woman in reverted role in movies, writings, art etc are just a bad joke to those that fought for the real rights. But as we live in this world I thought it could be nice, as a “divertissment” only, to made the same game dedicating it to a person that really felt inside the original feminism movement not these fake ones.

As one of my last experiments, like “Lake View” I had to use a bad quality wood and that limited the possibilities of getting more details, but unlike the other this has only a few layers so the result was better. Again as the other one, this one has some deeper meanings dedicated to the person I was carving it for, but I think just with the first level of interpretation it can be enjoyed.

Luca Povoleri





7 Replies to ““The Little Princess””

    1. Hello my friend from far away, yes I’ve been busy wood carving, not only these last works but two important projects with the Jendar teachings so I didn’t have much fine. And a few thing happened too… Barcelona terroristic attack made me very difficult to stay and be “social network present” as the reaction of people to this were either helping involuntary terrorism or being totally out of place. I felt for a few weeks now more than usual that being social network present is a way to involuntarily decrease one’s own credibility so for a while I couldn’t even open facebook, Instagram or WordPress (that lately is becoming more social network than blogging). I will always be near your thougths mentally and I hope when I’ll get through this period even physically.
      It is so nice thinking you will be in Europe this October, are you there for visiting friends or family?
      A big hug from south of Spain!

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      1. I’m am soooo sorry about the attacks and had no clue. How scary and what sadness and tragedy of what is happening around us at times. I can in no way relate how people can hurt others and I can only imagine the chaos and worries it created.
        Thank you for always being there and please know that good friends sometimes don’t talk for long times but are always close in thoughts. Same with us and I’m always here. We know where to find each other 😉.
        I will be visiting my Mom, but it will be somewhat of a serious visit since she is ill. I leave next Sunday and will only have wifi sporadically.
        Be safe out there…big hug

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      2. I’m sorry for your mum, I hope you can connect and enjoy your time together though. Sometimes being present is the best thing one can do for family. I’ll be back to italy soon and I’ll be visiting my parents too these days. I send you and your mum a big hug from Spain, a little closer than usual…

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