“Prunes Be Peaches!”

Wood: Linden
Time: 60 h
Tools: Scalpels

This was a nice story of a peach tree coming to life under a form of prune tree. That’s right. We don’t always have the body our soul wants, it’s inevitable that sometimes and somehow, we can be trapped in a form which wasn’t our first choice.

Luckily if you don’t try to impose your will on the wood and asks it what does it wants to be you can find variations creating a better meaning for it and a good and nice results for you.

Of course the first task was creating the exact copy of the first work you see in white, made by some other students on another workshop: a prune branch with really nice leaves actually. But than if you look at it a little deeper you can see those fruits had 2 important details that simply doesn’t work with their supposed nature.

First it was a stylistic choice, laziness, or a technique issue. The fruits seems unable of getting out the background, they’re trapped and unfinished, so you can’t really see what they are.

Second. I had a prune tree in my house when I was a child and I’ve never seen prunes so weird…….. so they may be called prunes but I wasn’t entirely about it.

So ok, I was a novice, I was a student, so my teacher say “You copy it you little noob and shut up!” and I copied. But then all my studies from before gave me better skills than the ones my teacher usually see in other students so I was finished copying much faster than what it was expected by the workshop. That was the first time where I felt my abilities to be enough to dare try going out the sacred line define by the training and try create something new instead.

Of course my teacher was good enough to not try to suppress my enthusiasm and gave me a new order “Ok my little noob, now you copied it perfectly and lost a lot of time on it trying to make prunes that ain’t no prunes even I always told you they were prunes, but in the end you were right, those were not prunes at all! They were bad prunes, the worse prunes ever so now you have to make them peaches and bring out their full potential! Mote it be! Mote it be! Mote it be!”

“Easy peasy” I said or “Easy Peachy” I would have had to say maybe. But in the end it wasn’t that easy at all, because you see, even if your nature is not your true nature, you’re already this way, so you can easily decide to betray your true self to maintain your comfort zone and you wouldn’t be a bad person at all. In fact when you try to create a new destiny, sacrificing the good old white envelope protecting your connection with your branch you can find yourself in an undiscovered territory where every step can lead you to a disaster!

Thats’ the nature of creation, if you step out the original project you can make it better, or you can destroy it all.

Luckily for me patience and a lot of extra hours helped me to avoid damage and at the end of the operation the new peaches where born, free to be seen and hug the eyes with their oval shape curves. Long life peaches! 😉

Luca Povoleri

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