Windy Monday, Wooly Monday

That’s it. The wind stormed the place last night making the house creak and squeak like it’s ghosts decided to party. This morning the air is clear, fresh, neat, rejuvinating. It’s the first time in a while I feel cold.

Maybe it’s not a weather dependent feeling though. This morning I woke up with a freezing soul. It’s like one of those days you know you have to work but you feel you won’t perform so you just wake up, make breakfast, eat it, and go out knowing you’ll be go autopilot all day. That’s the feeling, only I’m not working today and that’s making it worse.

I was seeing a video on GOT and on how Martin created in us this drama and trauma craving that is forcing the world to see the show and made us think a lot of violent things are just normal. We see that in reality and we scream “injustice”, “third world”, “unacceptable”, but we see that on a tv show and we just follow it.

I’ve always felt the genius behind bad guys and frustrated people like him. Vengeance is a good drive for them and honestly, seeing how many sheep are doing nothing of their lives, I’m beginning to prefer vengeful and active jerks to useless followers. They at least transform their frustration into something great… I can’t help but to wonder though, how we became so unable to solve our personal traumas and dramas that we can accept some kind of deviant violence as a cathartic mean to achieve a simulacrum of a feeling in our otherwise utterly empty lives?

I feel so little life force around me lately, I see the most talented people living by themselves and hiding from the world like untouchable gods believing too much in themselves and I see unspeakably unfit people taking the lead and create huge social movements influencing not only lifestyle, but even our future.

Maybe the wind took away the heat wave inflicting serious laziness to everyone these days and with a more human temperature around me my synapses are going back online. Or maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I really don’t know but I feel stillness in the world, I feel isolation and virtual life increasing a lot, while everything else is just accepted as it is.

I normally begin to increase my body temperature by becoming active at this point, but today I just wish for a sweater.

Luca Povoleri


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