BIO Jams

Private and public. Private and public. Private and public.

That’s a mantra you should always remember. The power coming from mixing the two world is enslaving and addictive… it is strong, but if it may consume you creating a distance between the real you and the public you. And this is one of the Public strength points of Optima Vita. Everything else is Private, so you’ll have to hire me to know more or I will shut up for the rest of the eternity (which can be a wish some of you may have expressed lately, but I’m the wishmaster and I decide what wish to make real, or not…).

Why I’m telling you that? Because it explains why I don’t share my real thoughts easily… but today it’s different. Today a friend of mine, someone showing real ability to see through my Veil of Mysterious Chaos right to a good approximation of what I really am, called upon me to make a post about a 3 day Music Challenge.

And I always respond to Friends.

The only thing Rhapsody Boheme, I will concentrate the 3 days in one post if you don’t mind as I don’t have a Premium Plan, so I can’t post Videos. You can take it like a Sunday Brunch where all the best sweet and sour tastes are mixed up creating an over-satisfying and fulfilling experience of the senses.

So… let’s begin!

Day 1

Orange Marmelade:

The Distance – By Cake (Video with Lyrics)


It gives me the idea of obsession and power with high price to pay for it even if a lot of people won’t see it. It’s not positive or negative, it’s the destiny of Men and Women wanting to reach their real core. There’s a hidden and priceless secret in these song, this is why it’s the first one I want to talk about it. There is always a deeper way of seeing things and this song represents it, as it represents my line of working as a coach. Two and more layers, no charisma, but wisdom.

Day 2

Blueberry Jam

 Eminem – Cleaning out my closet (Video with Lyrics)


Striving for yourself. Gay people, bi people, queer people, trans people, living a discriminating world are forced to make a choice when they come to the world in that closet so different of magical Harry Potter under-stair closet. And that is not only a “minority feature”, everyone came here in a closet made of tags, definitions and categories. So we’re all in front of the same choice.

I choose to fight as hell everyday as it’s my right, as I’m not Neuropsychologist, I’m not Shaman, I’m not Gay, I’m not Nerd, I’m no one, I’m just Luca. And I can be whoever I want to be, as long as I’m good at it of course…

Day 3

Cherry Jam

Katy Perry – Fireworks (Video with Lyrics)


Katy Perry is just Katy Perry. I don’t care if she’s a person or a character, but her joy of life, her humor and her energy are amazing. She’s a goddess for real. We’re fireworks and we won’t last forever but when we fire up and show what we’re really made of, we are bright, we’re strong, we can reach the sky.

Boom boom boom, even brighter of the recent Super Moon, I’ll leave you to the Sunday Mood…

Have a great day!


(My 3 bloggers to make the challenge, if they want to, as it’s just a game, nothing more, are:


Tony Single

Richard Ankers

The rules are simple

  • Post a music video that speaks to your soul for 3 days with a brief description as to why
  • Link back to the person that nominated you
  • Nominate a fellow blogger

And if you like it, just let me know it… 😉)

25 Replies to “BIO Jams”

  1. Oh wow! Thanks for nominating me. That’s very cool of you! I may refrain from playing though as my music choices will definitely not be to other people’s tastes. I love your choices though! I feel like I’ve gotten a little window into the inner you! 😀

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  2. I always felt your way of feeling music has to be unique. You talk about sound all the time… and I’m sure your choice are definetely different from other people’s tastes. Top 3 isn’t the best way to expresse one’s choices anyway, it’s like a game. I don’t really know you personally, and I could get just part of you from your blog as your style is amazing as you recall I even use it to learn new words, but at the same time it’s really difficult to me sometimes eheh… but I don’t know, I told myself: “I like him, so why not?” eheh… Btw if one day you’d like to talk about it or you already did on an old post you’d like to share, be my guest and write me about it! 😉 Thank you for wiritng me back anyway… and have a great day!


  3. Il discorso sugli armadi è molto bello! Mi fa pensare a quando i miei genitori non volevano farmi giocare a tennis perché volevano che facessi danza o ginnastica ritmica. Viviamo sommersi dalle etichette tutti, non solo chi appartiene a una minoranza. Ispirato come sempre…. buona domenica Luca! 🙂

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    1. Assolutamente vero ed è un po’ anche il tema del mio libro Kratimus, che pur se fantasy, introduce molta psicologia di quella utile, non le boiate che si leggono sui blog. Non sono ispirato carissima Elisa, sono uno scienziato che pur se “psicologo” basa la propria conoscenza su dati, fatti e costrutti comprovati e studiati scientificamente. Per questo motivo posso sembrare “ispirato”, ma in realtà sono solo competente. Poi beh unisco a quello tante delle mie follie eheh ma in realtà io sono la dimostrazione di quello che potrebbe essere chiunque se solo decidesse superare se stesso ogni giorno… 🙂 Scusa la mega risposta, questa mattina mi sono alzato “ispirato” eheh… ci sentiamo più tardi! Intanto ti auguro uno splendido inizio giornata e un eccezionale inizio settimana!!! 😉

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  4. I love it and you absolutely made my morning. Thank you again for accepting this challenge. Somehow your song choice made me smile, saying in my head “Yep that is Luca” and I do feel like I have the ability to see behind the veil. In a good way.
    Private and public, your words made me think as I just recently shared something very private. It was something I never did to that extend as my private life has always remained very private just like yours. So why did I do it? I think various reasons, from wanting to capture it all and not leaving anything behind, unsaid, to finding a release for myself to hopefully helping others faced in similar situations. For sure it wasn’t for pity or to pull my dirty laundry through the mud. Maybe it was a feeling of being tired of all the secrets.
    I have noticed a big shift in my own spiritual awakening phase if you will. I am me and that is who I will always be. Some will like me, some don’t. I don’t fear acceptance anymore, even though I strive to be there and make a difference for everybody. If they allow me to, I will and give it my best shot. I have no secrets and I am an open book. I have lowered my walls but I am still aware and cautious. If you want to take a stab at me, it is not so much my vulnerability I am afraid of as I fear for you who has lost their way by treating others like this. I think this subject may just have inspired a post and I know you und stand me in ways of seeing through my veil as well. Have a beautiful day my friend xoxoxoxo

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    1. You’re welcome, it was actually kinda nice to find 3 songs that mean something and understand why eheh… About private e public thing, you know, that’s just marketing, what I do about those concept during a coaching project is not that simple as it can appear on a blog, exactely because there won’t be anything here worth more than free about my professionals skills of course… that’s why I don’t really write that much seriously about any of my field skills even if Luca Povoleri means something when it comes to coaching and psychology Charisma Free in the cities I work in… Btw about what you say about your sharing, you know, that’s a blog, so it’s a place where private become public and in a way this is the reason I decided to change my super professional web on my domain to a blog. Today there’s so “fake” people that somehow you have to scrifice a little about you to make people understand you’re not fake. So I think that’s the way you and I share things. It’s like, “we don’t have nothing to hide, and we share because of that, but that doesn’t mean we accept everyone else in”. It’s a strong choice, and a warrior choice, so I totally understand you and share your principles about that! Actually thank you so much for sharing these thoughts with me, I feel honored, and I thank you from the depth of my heart for taking the time and the effort! It was a pleasure sharing my music with you!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!! 😉

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      1. Hi my friend, thank you for taking the time and for your great feedback. I do understand as to why there has to be a difference between public and private, especially for you and you can’t just give all your amazing services away for free. You have to entice and leave something to the imagination, something people will be curious about and something they would want and pay for it. That is the professional life and on a personal level I think we are much alike. We are who we are, an open book in many ways.
        I agree with all the fake people we all too often encounter. Everybody tries to pretend and impress the next person that they forget what truly matters and don’t live. We share our experiences, open our hearts but also stay cautious as we have been hurt many times. In the end and through all the pain we choose to still help others instead of becoming bitter. A achievement in my eyes that not many accomplish. So here is to you my beautiful friend, my warrior of personal choices. I’m proud to know you and thank you for being a true friend and no friendollar 😉🌷💐
        Have a great day…

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      2. You’re always inspiring me with your attitude!!! Thank you so much for answering and for your understanding of my world. Sometimes I have a strong feeling of rejection from the masses, that is quite the opposite when I’m phisically with people as my words are mediated by my actions, a thing I can’t really create right now by just writing (my style limit). I studied a lot about networking and I’m making choices like the opposite of what it is liked because I want to stay with people going deeper in reality like you do. But sometimes I grow tired of the fighting, so when I read your posts I feel I’m not alone and in this big ocean of blogging that there are isles I’d like to stop by being sure I can provide an isle too for them (well this metaphore went out of control, but I know you know what I mean eheh)… Have a great day!!!!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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      3. You inspire me likewise and you remind me to keep fighting the good fight. It’s hard and painful at times but also the only way to stay true to ourselves. So in the end it is worth it as we forgive the knees that hurt us got they don’t know any better and are lost.
        We all have our breaking limits and while we are always strong, it’s not always a choice we would choose, but a way because we have to be that way. We a,ready know that we can do it, sometimes we just want to lower that guard and find a place where we can relax and take off that warrior armor for a just a little while.
        Keep fighting my friend, you are making a difference and I’m always here if you need to take off that armor and just be. ❤️💐💐💐💐

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      4. Totally, really totally true, let’s put away the armor sometimes that is really bad for the skin eheheh… I know it!!! So true!!!! 🙂
        Thank you so much for your words, I’ll be reading you these days!!! Have a wonderful day!!!! 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

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