Carving your will

I have a topic and a gallery for you today… Have you ever hailed a new king of your life?  A concept, and object, an activity making your actual moment a new and different cycle than the past ones?

Yessss I carved that little square in the photo… my first newborn king of my actual cycle. I made it a few months ago with Wood Carving! And today I’ve been going to get back to this amazing activity.

But today is not about carving, in fact it’s a day for thanking you for your interactions with my last post and for making a list of the next topics I’ll write about under the Newborn Category “What YOU Want”! 😉 You made my day guys… Thank you so much!!!

livegreenlovepink – Mother Earth or a Recipy
Elisa – Infusioni
Akyryanfreind – Hot Pics (Man you’re making me crazy… ahah)
whatdoyouwishblog – Success / Making Dreams Come True
Kyle – Evocare Eticamente
Erick – Clinical Hypnosis
Rhapsody Boheme – What I love about mountains

Why “Woodcarving” mixed with “What YOU want”? It makes you feel so strong and centered woodcarving but on the other side this poor little piece of wood, taken away from his body and now tortured by a gouge-armed-freak that couldn’t find nothing more interesting in life, makes me think I need to be delicate and precise if I want his sacrifice to serve a better purpose.

I actual use a lot of knowledge about my Chiropractic Practice (People knew me as LucaS Golden Hands [Yep living abroad means your name becomes a bull’s-eye darts target for the drunk, but who cares, it’s a label… LucaS for spanish, Luke o Luka for English people etc…]  in my second Ibiza Work Season… nooo… not for doing nasty… you wicked minded, only sport massage, but one day I’ll tell you about people who wanted more….) but if you are going to know me, you understand my gift from life is Metanalysis. I learn the patterns of life.

And of course that’s why I’m gonna use all my strength AND delicacy along with a wide perspective to make wonderful posts out of this huge variety of topics. Of course, I hope in your patience and benevolence, I’m a noob at this eheh…


If you liked it, want to be part of it, or just want to show your face, leave a comment below, it will make my day brighter to see people interacting, and I will always write you back… 😉

Enjoy the making of my last king! 😉

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25 Replies to “Carving your will”

    1. Grazie e a te per lo stimolo, anzi forse potremmo fare qualcosa di meglio per l’evocatore etico… ti racconterò! Intanto però grazie per il commento e il tuo costante supporto! Sai che ti sono grato, ma vorrei dirtelo per esteso anche qui. ;)✌

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  1. Absolutely beautiful and I always find inspiration in your messages. I was smiling at our similarity of looking at everything as if it was something capable of feelings. Even a piece of wood and we treat with delicacy. I make crosses out of driftwood and often have similar experiences 😉. I will share sometime.

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    1. Thank you so much Hechicera 2.0, I like your blog, your style and the soul that emerges from your posts I hope we can keep up crossing our paths in the future, and of course, good luck with driving lessons, it is a great idea you keep trying, it’s your way to set you free and you have to do it!! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Deepak Singh! The good thing is that the wood wasn’t that bad before, but it was processed (or untreated, how do you say for the wood?). My goal one day is to work on branches! 🙂



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