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Trilingual                -> 3 Lingue [ITAliano] 1 Post    -> 3 Languages [ENGlish]                -> 3 Idiomas [ESPañol] [ITA] Ogni volta che scrivo in una lingua tra quelle che parlo sento che sto lasciando da parte qualcuno di importante. E' una frustrazione per... Continue Reading →


The doctors say I can go back to life. So hello rainy life! There's nothing better than an umbrella above your head and a trip to the mountains to recover and heal with good air. Today I'm so excited!!! Viva la vita!!!!!!! lp

Never look at a welding torch!

(Disclaimer: #Usetheenglishluke is a self-born linguistic challenge coming from my desire to improve my third language using words from other bloggers I don't know or I don't normally use in my work.  These are the words I'll use in today's #Usetheenglishluke Challenge: wreak havoc - piss me off - endurance - rabid - chuck - embodiment - worshipped -cowherd - barred - solidly built - rub) Sometimes you... Continue Reading →

Use the English Luke

Yesterday I spoke about the Old Gold Past Renewed, but today I'd like to think about the present. In my work I have to speak 3 languages everyday. But... if my Italian and Spanish are quite good, my English has a few bugs I have to fix. I work with human mind, well, with my... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, Featherless Shaman takes a break. I created this profile to give a chance to people to understand the way of the shaman, the value of the ego, the hidden power of semi-anonymity. It was an experiment that led me to important knowledge and put me in contact with some wonderful people! But this... Continue Reading →

The door to You

Today is a special day! The circle of stones moved during the night, creating a chaos of smiling, neutral and sad faces. The ritual involves the use of the dying moon as a catalyst. The door of shadows had to open to allow the shy spirits to come out like night flowers and give the response.... Continue Reading →

Rosemary feathers in pine grove skies

There was once a boy. He was 13 years old. He had freckles and red hair. Every summer his parents brought him to the sea for at least a week. It was a Swedish resort in a foreign land. The fragrant pine woods hosted a network of small and medium houses for families, or for couples who sought peace and tranquility.... Continue Reading →

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