Use the English Luke

Yesterday I spoke about the Old Gold Past Renewed, but today I’d like to think about the present. In my work I have to speak 3 languages everyday. But… if my Italian and Spanish are quite good, my English has a few bugs I have to fix.

I work with human mind, well, with my top techniques I actually touch and manipulate the source code of our cognitive system with my patients and my clients, so my English skills have to be amazing if I want to bring my most powerful skills on English territory.

So… I’m gonna activate a new event #Usetheenglishluke. Yeah I’m a Star Wars fan btw (and a good trekkie too 😮)… but what’s the aim?

I will take one of your interesting blog posts from the WordPress Daily Bugle (I’m Batman… ok no, that’s not right) and use the words I don’t really know to create my post using, of course, my topic(s) and spirit.

I would really appreciate every help you can give me by commenting the content of my posts and my english (my dear Italian and Spanish friends, I won’t forget you, but I need to improve right now!).

My blog is a way for me to discharge many different Masks I have and use daily. If you think about it, everyone has a few “identities” different depending on the person you know. Languages can change you identity if you feel them. They shape reality giving you a different shade even if you’re saying the same thing.

So my topics and my style will change depending on this. I hope you can enjoy. And if you do, follow me on Facebook and Instagram! 🙂


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