Hi everyone, Featherless Shaman takes a break. I created this profile to give a chance to people to understand the way of the shaman, the value of the ego, the hidden power of semi-anonymity. It was an experiment that led me to important knowledge and put me in contact with some wonderful people! But this time, yes, there is “but”. But there is a war of influence out there and I just don’t want to be part of it. It’s already too much to have tried bringing this kind of knowledge on the net and I feel it doesn’t work in Italy. I wanted to try bringing a neutral perspective to things, but I really can’t stand a match against the unconditional love of the gurus, and I do not care to give inspiration and motivation to people who use it unconsciously to continue to live in a spiral of moaning and false hopes.

Unfortunately in this country I don’t have a real support in this and just can not seem to scratch the hard armor of the “status quo”. Perhaps the shaman without feathers is too idealistic and it’s not competitive without its accessories, an oppressed civilization behind, indian somatic traits or the desire to solve everything through the “magical” power of the spirits. Maybe I’m too young, maybe facebook is too young.

This virtual world is different from the real one, and I’m not willing to pay the price to be here in this form.
Sometimes it saddens me to see how people are reverse-wired. All the great figures of the philosophy of ”love” are perhaps among the worst influences that can serve at the individual level and yet the vast majority of people call upon them and gives them their own power, their money, their soul. And what for? What do these philosofies create in the “system”? Slavery.

Especially here, oriental philosophies have been bent to create a generation of slaves of a false love that is inertia. Slaves of an “unconditional” acceptance that destroys the human essence turning it into a shapeless sludge, excellent for beeing shaped by charismatic hands. But what in the world is unconditional? Is there an absolute thing which is only good or bad? How much did it take the human evolution to fight against classic manichaeism to lose it all and go back embracing it with open arms only because it has a different beardy face, speaks of light and hearts or because it has a bunch of luxury cars that gives prestige? No human being deserves such great power … only together we deserve this strength. And yet each one of us is struggling to prevail on others, to grow the beard of wisdom, to get those cool cars. Or on the other side we reject everything that is not measurable, like foots, meters, ounces mean something to the infinity of the child soul we keep segregated in our minds.

I’ve been torn down by an almost sleepless night trying to make up my mind about this, but when I woke up, I felt this decision was for the best.
Be welcome those who have always been able to read between the lines and look beyond the images. This stage ends here, but at the same time it continues outside the world of facebook which is a place of eternal going back where a beginning has no end, and you can’t even completely delete a profile. So I will get into hibernation. Maybe one day I will return with new strength and new structures that can handle this transpersonal power in a better way. Knowing the ways of the spirits also means understanding your limits and know when it is time to change shape.
If you fail in this, if you can not put everything in one thing, lose it and start from scratchagain as Kipling says, nothing really makes sense. We see each other on the other side, or as ghosts of a humanity that every day, luckily, becomes more and more aware of itself. With your permission, I brought along your memory. Good life!


(From “Featherless Shaman – Origins“)

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