Never look at a welding torch!

(Disclaimer: #Usetheenglishluke is a self-born linguistic challenge coming from my desire to improve my third language using words from other bloggers I don’t know or I don’t normally use in my work. 

These are the words I’ll use in today’s #Usetheenglishluke Challenge:

wreak havoc – piss me off – endurance – rabid – chuck – embodiment – worshipped -cowherd – barred – solidly built – rub)

Sometimes you learn your lesson in the hard way. Not because you really looked for trouble, but because truth can wreak havoc on your life with shocking epiphanies and harsh evidences you can’t refuse. This morning I was barred inside the house because my better half was feeling sick, so there I was, an embodiment of doctor and nurse preparing a special shamanic herbal tea while waiting for the ibuprofen to work his magic (because nothing can be more magical than ibuprofen sometimes!).

Outside, rabid workmen are making gigantic holes in the ground, while fighting each other (don’t really know why at the moment), chucking their tools to the ground and raising voice like some kind of protest was going to come up soon. They’re building a new condo like 50 ft away from ours, so the 8 am pneumatic drill like the church bells from our house in Como Lake has become a new god we’ve been force to worship every morning.

We’re are used to it now, we’ve built our endurance during the last 4 months, so it’s not a big deal. But today it was different. Something was wrong. So I got close to the window to take a better look and try to find out with my eyes what my ears couldn’t reveal. The chief, a solidly-built middle-aged man with a few grey hair left was trying to calm down his workers like a cowherd ready to release the dog (that right now was his big and bad right-hand man). Than it happened.

One of the workmen behind the small group of screaming people was welding some kind of long metal support. He was the only one actually working so I looked at him. Just when my eyes reached him, the light of his torch burned my eyes leaving me blind for a second. I backed off, rubbing my eyes, hoping this would sooth the damage my pre-coinceived idea of welding torch light can do to the sight.  When I could see again, I looked out of the window again just to see the metal support tilting back and fall down on the floor bringing silence between workmen and chief.

Well, no one got hurt and everyone helped the one with the torch to repair the damage. Then I understood the workers were complaining exactly because the torch guy wasn’t wearing properly his glasses.

In the end… my eyes feel fine but that teaches to be careful and always remember that ultraviolet light is really bad for your eyes (looking at the sun directly too) AND that today is my second post of #UsetheenglishLuke Challenge…

While praying for my eyes to be fine, if you see any mistake comment below and let me know, so my english can improve and your experience too.

The post of the bloggers I want to thank today for my list of Unknown Words are:

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2 Replies to “Never look at a welding torch!”

    1. Yes that should be the rule but sometimes we can’t see the positive part. In the end suffering may be inevitable but we can try living to learn instead of suffering. I hope new generations could understand this soon as now this new culture exists… thank you fit your commentary. You always create a space where to think and go deeper into things. You’re always welcomed. 🙂

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