My 3 Professional Mottos

My name is Luca Povoleri De Las Heras, but people working with me know me as “Luca”.
I began as a Clinical Psychologist and I grew becoming a coach and an international author working with the brightest stars in therapy, HR and advertising production.
My theory is Cognitive, Systemic and human-centered. This means I work 360°.
I’ve been elected one of the 2020New Voices for #postcovid19 psycho-physical survival with my bilingual book Super-Viv(i)ente published on 2020 winter in all the best Italian and Spanish libraries and it’s English translation “Super-Living“, available now on Amazon.
My talent is to find the core of the problem through a deep systemic meta-analysis so I can solve it faster, easier and simpler than the average “expert”, while empowering you and your business.

My three mottos are:
1) I don’t eat with my client. My personal opinion is that any “helping” professionist that pays the bills with his/her profession is not completely ethic. You have to trust those who touch your health and wellness… how can you do so if they live with your pain? That’s the reason why my economical survival comes from no-therapeutic works for ethical reasons.

Anything from HR or as Producer or whatever I do except from therapy will be paying my bills. As a therapist you pay for my worth only.

No storytelling, co-dependency, infinite sessions, weirdly undefined objectives. This is a sacrifice I do, something I worked for a long time, to be professionally versatile so I can depend on normal professions to live, and offer you only my skill with no “needs” attached.

Those who are against it, are this way because they live their therapeutic work as a “job”, which is, I think, the worse way for a therapist to see him/herself, and the worse situation for a patient to depend on.

2) Pure Experience, Zero Belief. I never “sell” my work, I never tell stories. I want to work on you and on your company with forgotten traditions and holistic skills, and when they work, we just want that… you don’t really have to know a legend or a story if something works. Professionals who sells that are not trustwrothy beacause Evidence and Experience are the only proofs you need.

3) Transparency & Privacy. I am here to solve all your doubts before beginning. Ans still I will never tell who my clients are nor what we create. It will be something precious and unique. Just for you. That means I won’t put on my social networks, I won’t use you in my “examples” to make me pubblicity. Whan you enter my professional space I will defend you and your rights.

My work is focused on your story and it’s intertwinings with the mainstream social and cultural narration, so when everything else failed for lack of “meaning”, there is always my Adventurer Path of Optima Vita 360 – Life & Business Coaching. You will change, heal end evolve with it.

With Strenght, Love and Energy.

Dr. Luca Povoleri De Las Heras
Psychologist HR, Manager, Producer  Author
fb: drlucapovoleri
ig: lucapovoleri
+34 664 35 40 95
+39 347 09 60 79 4
Psychology, Mindfulness & Coaching –>

Super-Viv(i)ente“, Gruppo Albatros, Roma 2020. (Libreria: Italia, España, UK)
Super-Living“,, Madrid, 2021. (Worldwide Amazon english translation of “Super-viv(i)ente”)
La Creatividad en tu empresa. Como fluir en ti mismo y alcanzar tus objetivos empresariales.”, Embajada de Marca, Albacete 2016
Il telefono cellulare: tra tecnofilia e dipendenza” Sarno-Prunas-Povoleri, “Psicotech” 2 (IV), 2006, Editorial Franco Angeli

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