Privacy Policy

Before being a professional of health for over 13 years I’ve always been a man of honor. Not only I’ve been protecting my patients and clients secrets as part of my life dedication to the Art of Changing, Healing and Evolving humans and Companies, but it’s my pride to be able to show almost 5 years of public activity in social media and zero reference to any of them.

I’ve never used my skills, my knowledge or my therapies as a mean of making pubblicity of my work as my philosophy is that I live, eat and enjoy life with professional activities other than therapy to ensure my patients/clients I’m not living on their pain.

Therapy has always been business, but it’s time it became Art.

This page is for the new patient and client, to ensure that all the personal information that can be collected by any mean during our professional partnership are going to be protected and never revealed under any circumstances.

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