Un-stylish running in Cremeno Mountains

Have you ever thought morning mountains are more beautiful than full-day or night mountains? I actually believe so, they’re so silent and I love the mysterious and charming mist they wear before the sun comes out. It’s the moment night predators are going to rest, and I can feel their eyes hidden in the forests, their eyelids burdened by the night fatigue, and if they’re lucky, a warming sensation of satisfaction for the good meal they consumed. It’s the moment when fear goes back to sleep and the animals can go back to their lives and find a good shelter for the next night hunt.

This is my last day of Mountain Recovery and I’ll be back to work with, body and soul. For me the mountains are the chalk circle of protection I cast sometimes to recover from flights, stress, modern life din.

I’m from Milan, the Stylish Milan, where everything is fashion and fashionable. As I was born here (actually I’m one of the last real “Milanesi”…) I should have been the first of the stylish one. But no…. let’s play a hard life… let’s be an outcast giving a damn about fashion and style (as you can see by the way I cut my chiropractic shirt to use it for training in the mountains)!

So I’m here, dressed like a mess, it’s really cold before sunrise, I fear frostbites, but still I neglect every warming up and dress-code advise for fitness (me, whan I teach aware crossfit… bad Luca, bad…).

But the mountains are so wonderful this morning I can only hear my numb thoughts clopping away with deers while I make some stretching before beginning the run (I’m not that reckless in the end, come on… good Luca, good…).

It’s dark, but I want to try the hike trail, so I just begin to march (after the surgery I have to be careful to not begin at 100% speed) and go toward the path in the woods while the sky was getting a little clearer. I had the wonderful idea of take some selfies (not stylish ones, but you know… you can’t really fight every social network trend there is, I’m too much of a misfit already) but only during the slopes which is really bad for the knees.

So I was there, looking at the wood waking up when I see a flower, something so common in spring and summer, actually surviving in this first day of autumn morning cold. A dandelion.

It was dew wet and so wonderfully intact… I stop there and took a photo too as you can see… I don’t really like myself there. And at first it was difficult for me to understand why, but then something in my shrink’s brain twigged. I want the world to see my professional side, my warrior side, my fun side, my responsible since I was a kid, because when people reach to my delicate side, the one that makes me so good with people’s feeling, there are only two ways it will be going bad for me:

1) they try to abuse it, to feel stronger (which is actually a bad idea, it may be soft in the inside, but actually quite badass on the outside as a life adventurer that learnt how to be competitive around Europe)

2) they patronize or underestimate me seeing my sweetest side (sic!).

Delicate me

But than this is how world spins around, so here I am……….but actually back there I began to feel the first shivers of my body losing warmth while sitting near the flower and I didn’t want one of the clopping deers from the beginning of the post to gore me while not moving. So I shrugged, leaving those thoughts behind with the dandelion and went back to my run. In a while (my body can stand just 30′ run right now) I went back to the road and I realized how slow I was while saying hello for the second time to my slug running buddy that made like 30 feet while I was doing 90 (what a shame…).

So I stopped there and hail the natural guest on my personal unstylish run training through the mountains to take a selfie with him/her too. He/she put his/her best duck face and we were ready to go social.


So, me and the slug buddy are wishing you a wonderful day, and remember, stylish or not, keep taking bad selfies as people may judge them by their mindset, but if they can be useful to you (use them moderately though, please…) just do it and be happy.

Life is shorter than we believe, but the silver line to this (this expression is taking for you Rhapsody Bohème, I forgot it in the last post) when there is little of something it has usually more value than when there’s plenty.

Have a great day and please, if you like, take a moment to read me, correct my English, comment, like, share and well, most of all take the good part (luckily there always is) and use it to make your day inspired. 😉



#Usetheenglishluke is special linguistic game/challenge I created thanks to the inspiration of a different amazing blogger every time. I take the words I don’t know, scramble them and than write one of my posts. 

Today’s inspiration is from a great blogger that gave me so much to think about my english improvement: Tony, from Unbolt Me

And the post is:

Imagine a chalk outline like what you get at a crime scene and the space where the body used to be. Now it’s a-buzz with cicadas, shaking up a muted din. That’s what deafness sounds like. (I&…

Source: Silent Snuff Movie

These are the WORDS I’ll use in today’s #Usetheenglishluke Challenge and from today on you’ll find them with italian translation! 😉 Wanna know how they sound in Italian (I’m tired of “everything sound -ini in Italian… spaghettini, pizzini, capisci-ini…” bad people, bad… :P)? Than read below!:

Chalk – gesso, ingessare (v)
Din – chiasso, baccano, frastuono
Shrug – alzare le spalle (v)
Neglect – trascurare (v)
Frostbite – gelone
Nudge – colpetto di gomito, spinta, nidging esssere vicino a qualcosa
Numbing – passivo, passivamente
Twig – capire d’improvviso
Clop – zoccolio, zoccolare (v)
Gore – sangue, violenza, incornare (v)


28 thoughts on “Un-stylish running in Cremeno Mountains

Add yours

    1. Ci ho pensato oggi con tutti gli amici internazionali si scherzava sullo stillicidio che si fa delle lingue estere con i suoni che la gente pensa siano propri di una lingua… e poi è utile anche per gli italiani che leggono, magari gli interessa! 🙂

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  1. Hi, Luca. I hope you don’t mind if I start following your blog. I felt quite flattered that anything I’ve written would inspire anyone, so thank you! And now I’m trying to imagine a slug doing duck face for a photo… 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jejeje I thank you a lot for replying to me, yes I sometime read some text that I simply love like yours that was really good and well written. Thank you I’ll be following too and take some inspiration by your writing!! 😀 Yes the slug buddy was a shameful witness of my awful performance, I hope he/she was doing a duck face and not making fun of me eheheh… thank you so much for taking time to comment here! Have a great day! 😀


    1. Ciao Blondie! Allora scusa se ieri sera non sono riuscito a risponderti completamente, innanzitutto grazie mille per il commento e per avermi fatto notare che non appariva! 🙂 Secondo, ho controllato e sì il commento è andato automaticamente in SPAM. Ho trovato una cartella nel menù di admin del sito sotto la voce “commenti” c’è anche la cartella SPAM e ho scoperto che: 1) ci sono un sacco di spammer e c’è un sistema automatico che blocca i messaggi. Sono spam di siti tipo yah oo e b ing etc… 2) che quando li mette in spam non ti manda nessun avviso di moderazione!! :O Per cui grazie moltissimo di scrivermi perchè mi hai fatto venire a conoscenza di un sistema antispam che blocca i commenti! 🙂 Comunque dovrebbe essere sbloccato il tuo profilo adesso, per cui spero di darti dei post validi per poter tornare a commentare eheh….
      Ah e per le lumache, a Albacete in Spagna, vicino ad Alicante, fanno un piatto che si chiama “caracoles” che sono lumache… eccezionale! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too. I feel the same way! 😀 Thank you very much and yes, of course I had to mention it as i forgot the best word I learnt from you that time. Silver lining is an outstanding expression, it’s so smooth and precious with the idea of silver, it make me think about the moon in the night that when it’s dark provides you the bright side of the sky! 😀 Have a wonderful day! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you calensariel! It’s… yes a picture I had to make public to resolve my fear of not being accepted for my sensitive side… and yes the dandelion was amazing that day and it was so lonely it has like a natural contrast effect in front of the grass… very poetic beauty in the silence of the wood. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Eheh thank you calensariel! yes if only men embraced it without fear of losing manhood a lot of bad things happening in the world would change. Sometimes the idea of having a vulnerability can change a man making him concentrate only to his socially accepted strength points. That’s not bad in its own way, but they lose one of the unique way they have to feel happy in their lives… so I hope the goal they reached is worth the price… 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your thought, it’s the best way with comments like this to complete and widen a post adding ideas and giving different perspectives! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person


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