The Ladybug Intervention

“Bienvenido a Madrid” they say. From the bedroom of a noisy room, engulfing meds like candies for the first operation of the year (yeah, it is leap year after all) I didn’t really feel welcomed by the city. A few months ago we were living in a small apartment that luckily had amazingly wide windows. There was so much light there, but unfortunately it was on a huge street and the noise was unbearable by night.

I had been through surgery a week before and even if I’m used to post-surgery recovery being this the 4th year of my fight against my inner evil this time it was worse. Actually it was so bad I thought I really asked for the universe to prevent me to going to surgery ever again (and in a way I hope it answered me as my last surgery, which was unavoidable, was really easy and my doc says can be the last one… so finger crossed guys!).

That day I was looking at some fantasy anime on the laptop during my recovery (I’m a fan of Japanese subtitled fantasy/sci-fi anime…I love the sound of Japanese) and I got attracted by the cloudy day outside. The din of the cars was so high… I don’t really know why I got close to the window. Maybe I just wanted to spy on the people in the street, wishing to be among them walking again in the every-day-warmer-spring-morning. Maybe I was trying to incinerate cars with my laserbeamed eyes (unfortunately I don’t have them…) Or Maybe I was bored of staying in bed all day… But, whatever the reason was, I saw the Ladybug and took a picture.

She brought back so many memories and a good omen.

You know, she’s important to me this little black-dotted red bug. I think it is one of “those things that have a meaning for me”, like a special number, or the dog doll of our childhood. This specific one remembered of a time I got lost.

It was during one of my backpack travels in Germany (when I was young and innocent, trying to find myself on the road). I was in Hamburg, with my black backpack,  June 11th ,2013. I was going through a bridge, actually I have a video of it but I can’t upload it and it would have been nice because that video was probably one of the factors that brought me to my first Ladybug Intervention.

As i said before I was backpack travelking, and people that had tried it t least once know that your pockets becomes your house, your vault, your quickslots for easy-to-reach important resources. The thing is, when you put too many things in them, it happen sometimes that when you go pick one, you take two. So when I was reaching my phone every two minutes to take picture I risked every time to take my wallet along with it. So I had to be careful. I knew that. Because awareness is important… … …

30 minutes later I was eating a special kebab dish near the bus stop. The place was nice, like an all-you-can-eat kebab. So i prepared my dish, I ate quickly and then I went to pay. But when my hand slipped into the pocket I felt it a little emptier than usual. There were only two things there, so when I pulled out my cellphone I twigged in a moment.

Dreadful awareness shivers run through my spine when I realized

1) I had 1 hour to get to the bus for the next city,

2) I wasn’t in the right place for not having money to pay the meal (I found 5 euros in the lucky-spare-coins-emergency-pocket-treasure, that magical interdimensional space where some money disappear to for some time from current reality only to go back unannounced when you less expect it… ) and

3) the worse part was that I had no ID, no plane tickets, nothing to go back to Spain or anywhere…

Get passed the payment I walked out the restaurant. I was feeling really bad at the time. But maybe it was part of the process… in the end I was looking for myself in that trip and to do that you have to lose everything before (careful for what you ask… the universe may answer in his own twisted way eheh).

So I began to search for the wallet. I thought maybe it had fallen down during my walk and it would have been somewhere near. I thought the chance of pickpocket were low as it was in the frontal pocket so it would have been difficult to take it. 20 minutes later though I was running as a crazy man back on my footsteps and still no sign of it. My hope began to waver. I realized that if I had lost it someone would have surely taken it, and if someone had stolen it, it would have been a brutal waste of time to try finding it. Losing the bus wasn’t an option because in the next city at least I had an hostel already booked and I would have at least had a place to stay for the night.

It was when I realize that near a great white building, like some big company office, that it happened. As you probably know right now I’m a shamanic practicer among other many things. Sometimes, when I see it fit, I use rituals and meditations to help my patients get physically and mentally better by creating a postive environment for mind-body alignment to integrate psychological therapy (so I don’t use drugs, animal parts or pretend to heal physical illnesses by spiritual means, I work just with the psychosomatic mind and for spiritual guidance in my “featherless shaman” agnostic and belief-free way). But if on one side as a scientist I use my knowledge to translate to the rational mind rituals and ancient knowledge usually relegated to superstition and low leveled magical practice, on the other side I believe that spirituality is a powerful drive in human life and if something can help you in a moment of need you don’t have to loose too much to rationality. And when I saw a ladybug on my shirt in that exact moment I felt relief and a feeling of reassurance. I can’t honestly tell you that I interpreted that like a sign from the universe, but for almost 5 minutes the ladybug stayed on my shirt.

I didn’t find the wallet that day. But a week later a priest from one of the Hamburg cathedrals wrote me an email telling me they found it and sent me back by priority mail free of charge. I received it a few days later with everything in it. Of course that day I survived… I ask a friend for help from Spain and the next day I was on my feet again. So everything worked out fine.


From that moment on, Ladybug appears to me in some moments of need. I just think of it poetically, I told you I’m not one of those who will call upon greatest and occult powers to explain what by my means I can’t distinguish and define as a mystical truth or just a coincidence. But when the Ladybug appears, I feel deep inside me that a lucky turn of events are ready to reveal themselves and a way of the universe telling me to relax and that everything will go just fine.

I don’t have to explain you now why this foto/video has been on my facebook profile for months… I just wanted to share this feeling to those patient enough to try to get to know me. Because sometimes we forget that beauty comes in an unexpected way, and getting to know someone is one of the most beautiful things I know.

So if you had patience and read it all I hope you can feel the Ladybug Blessing for Rational Minds coming from this piece of my story. And if you like it, please leave a sign of your presence, share it, comment it, tell me about your experiences. Me and the Ladybug are here to hear… 🙂



31 Replies to “The Ladybug Intervention”

      1. Buono! Il sushi è un piatto che adoro in genere anche se ho la sensazione che ormai la qualità media si stia abbassando e che per tornare a mangiarne di buono bisogna tornare a spendere di più. Però la cosa positiva è che di posti sia a Milano che a Madrid dove vivo, ce ne sono tanti, per cui è anche bello esplorare e valutare! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  1. A scary moment I time beautifully written and I have a special love for ladybugs as well. Have you ever heard that the dots on their bodies are suppose to be their age? So if it has 5 dots it is 5 years old. I’m not sure if there is truth to it, but it adds to the whimsical and magical appearance and so when I see on, I always count it’s dots.


    1. Wow… that’s so nice to know! Thank you for telling me, I actually didn’t know anything about the dots connected to the years! Eheh you blow my mind now, next time I’ll take a closer look at the next one. 🙂 Next time I see one if my memory helps me (it’s really bad… damn technology giving me too much comfort to maintain my memory well eheh) I’ll tel you how many dots she have! Have a wonderful day! 😉


    1. Eh eh I love a the frog intervention for a post… 😂 thank you for writing a commentary, you’re right mother nature rules! Have a great day and if sometimes you want to share your frog intervention please let me know as I’d love to read it! 😉



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