International Peace Day

Today we celebrate peace. But are we really in peace? I’m not one of those who will present to you moving pictures of children screaming, horrible wounds, and building explosions (arousing our senses in a perverted sadistic way or awakening our Mother Theresa concept limited to our keyboard). That’s so low that I leave it to everyday manipulators with their smiles, heavily illuminated and blue saturated pictures, and easy-peasy 10 and 1/2 points way to become the king of the social-world.

I think there are 2 different Peaces:

There is our “Golden Peace” like in this world we live in now where we live fine consuming life from the others. It’s a wonderful goal we reached, we’re unite and world can be better, but it’s not the final solution. There’s always place for improvement!

And there is a more humble but logical “peace” instead in a world where everyone is acknowledged and do his part seeing us as part of one species where if some of us suffer it will create suffer in a different way for the others too. I think we’re already moving this way. People around me is smarter, and more awakened than before. We’re evolving!!! This is the International Peace Day I want!

Because, let’s face it, the Peace with capital letters we consider once a year thanks to social network has a high price.

Low cost for instance. Yes, the thing we are wearing, eating, travelling with, is possible only where peace is dead. We’re the “protect your savings” people, the “pay less take more” generation. But that “more” has to be coming from some place… maybe a place not that far as we easily think putting the suffering in the third world, so far from us we can feel sorry, but in the end we don’t really care.

War is not only a matter of weapons, drones and soldiers. War can be happening within people you have close to you. In this low cost world in fact friendship is the new money (I will talk about this in the future…), but we don’t realize monetizing relationship means objectifying human nature. And that a lot of your “friendollars” are actually victim of a silent social and economics war.

If you’re an object you’re forced to work for a few dimes, you have basical low level rights, you are moved to popular holidays location as cows getting fatter before the daily milking and the slaughterhouse, and of course you are more susceptible of buying whatever good communicators (not like me that I’m just a powerless fool in this world and I know it) tells you about life.

War is your Yoga

War is your Success

War is your Love

Great bomb-like concepts that destroys critical awareness. You use one of that magical word and people get silent, and “Like” everything.

But luckily we are at a point we can overcome the vulnerability of our social-mass configuration in favor of a more agile and evolved system. The old paradigm is changing. I’ve been studying collective dynamics, mind link, social peering and super-egoic concentrations for years now and I can tell you we’re ready for a peace where “social mass” is no more, and interpersonal-transpersonal groups and collective egos can bring the peace of collaboration, equality and brotherhood. Even the most powerful multinationals use these concepts (in their own way) to become so great.

Our actual war is against laziness, easy-judging-discrimination and most of all wounded-ego-super-evaluation-of-self (we think we’re smart and everyone is dumb while inside we think the exact contrary). We have to win this before passing to the next level.

I know people from here are the ones who can actually feel more like me, as in other social networks I wouldn’t even try to bring this kind of discussion anymore. We’re so enslaved to social acknowledgement that we think that without being loved we’ll be left alone (losing too much “friendollars”).

I’m a poor guy, for disgrace I have a “bear” part in me I’m getting to know only recently, making me appreciate loneliness and isolation (although a part of me like to loved, I’m a normal person, not a robot!!) so I donated all my friendollars 5 years ago when I realized what does it mean at a human relationship levels. I pushed away all of those people who just stay with you for what you worth, trying to objectify you so so I don’t really care if you think I’m a bitter man, it’s not it. I just realize that this Golden Peace we’re living in now is very different from the more realistic and hard-worked peace I see in our possible future.


In fact we don’t need to pursue it out of Love or Goodness or other capital-letter-bomb-like-concepts. On the contrary we have to use the brain for once instead of our poor overrated heart: we have to understand we’re brothers and sister and at the same time “cells” of a bigger organism.

Even if we keep throwing stones far away in this every-day-smaller-puddle-which-is-hearth, in the end we’ll fill it up with rock, and the water will soon flood getting us wet and cold.


12 Replies to “International Peace Day”

  1. Non sei amaro, al contrario da quello che scrivi si vede molta passione πŸ™‚ Bellissimi i friendollars e hai ragione la pace puΓ² ancora evolversi, ma non dobbiamo mai smettere di cercarla. Non dobbiamo mai perdere la speranza di un mondo migliore πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perdere la speranza magari Γ¨ accettabile per un po’ una parentesi di sconforto ci sta ed Γ¨ anche una forza evolutiva, ma conviene sempre non abbandonarla mai definitivamente. Grazie mille per il tuo commento! πŸ˜‰


    1. Sei un grande…. grazie mille!!!! Mi sento onorato… un giorno spero di prenderci una birra assieme o forse meglio un vino? Eh eh a parte gli scherzi ti sono molto grato per il commento e per la poesia! πŸ˜‰πŸ»πŸ·



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