How real do you really want your spirituality to be?

Today I’ve been seeing a crazy guy in the metro station, cursing god and speaking to an invisible man at his side, and I was realizing i’m just that crazy too.

It’s not like I want to say everyone is crazy or have to be crazy to be awaken, or that I’m victim crazy because society doesn’t understand. I’m crazy. As much as everyone praying or talking to spirits might be.

What is the difference between that underground-craziness and spiritual-craziness like the ones who believ in something and try to reach it? I think maybe there’s a difference, maybe the first is a more spontanous and real spirituality that the second one. Not because it really is, but for the subjective feeling of reality that man was experiencing through it’s invisible interactions.

It doesn’t matter what was going on in the mind of that man, who he was talking to, but for him it was that real that he couldn’t hide it! He sure has to be on medication and seen by everyone as a crazy person talking to himself in the metro station, but in the end a lot  of this criticizing people will be in a church, whatever their religion, or playing drums, or calling to spirits and gods to feel the way that man was feeling this morning, asking for help, fighting aginst injustice, .

You just can’t hide it to yourself if you want to be true to yourself, but everyone inside wants to be that crazy… to feel the exeption of reality, but noone really want to pay the price: madness, or social madness as it should be called.

So the thing I’ve been saying this last few years working in shamanism is: how much do you want to pay to achieve that feeling? How much of your existence are you willing to sacrifice to make that spiritual connection real?

Well, everyone inside him or her knows how much he or she wants to pay personally speaking, although we’re not aware of our inner pact with ourself, that silent agreement that makes us capable of living this reality paying it’s fee.

As I said before i will pay the price to shamanism, but I’ll do just whenever it’s really necessary. I respect people doing magic, or some kind of shamanism for everything they lack in this life: love, inspiration, success, money. But is the sacrifice you’re doing worth it? I’m sure everyone is doing their best, and this new year first post I’d like to wish everyone success in their personal quests!


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