Miracles of free will

Spirits first, and different masters later, taught me this: never give away your power.

Learn when not to use it is the first real rule to power, and help the others only if they know what they’re doing. You can light thousand of candles, pray millions of gods and spirits, but who isn’t true to his heart will never achieve anything more than an illusory self-esteem boost.

Delusion is the first ally, and the worse enemy of the shamanic practicer. People using power to change the little things, not accepting reality and asking for everything, or wanting to change the world. Man, if there’s a worse way to help the world, that is trying to change it. World doesn’t need you. And if you don’t understand it, mental illness is born.

Shamanic power is real as much as you understand the price of it. And once you see the price, you won’t use it like a magic wand. Because it isn’t cheap.

I do shamanic healing and every kind of spiritual rituals to bring back memories or for spiritual, mental and physical awakening just for the right people that understand the three rules of a shamanic ritual: the price, the sacrifice, the gift.

Really a lot of people is bothering me lately asking me for spiritual guidance while they’re searching for a mental addiction to another philosofy or religion. I won’t suggest you books, gurus, trends or personal practices. I want to see you the less I can. I don’t like you and won’t help you out of good feelings, I’ll leave that to thousands of witches and preists that can do that much better than me. I  just received and developed different techniques that can help a few people. And I do this for I’m paying my price to shamanism. And I’m gonna pay it all.

So I’m gonna be crystal clear on that: I don’t follow religions or philosofies. Shamanism is way beyond that. Your free will is a necessary ingredient to every shamanic ritual, and without that you’re just losing money and time.

But… and I underline it… but, if you know what I’m saying, then let me help you do your own miracles.



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