Shamanism for sale

Last night I was dreaming about my Madrid. Puerta del Sol (now Vodafone Sol, because it has been sold to this famous telephone company) the shiny center of Madrid was reaching it’s capacity limits, with police barriers to contain the zombie minded human-shaped cattle moved by unknown reasons to buy, buy, buy for holidays. Empty spirituality, filled with commercials and false desires.

In this picture, hundreds of people, dressed like american indian shamans, payed by the mayor as street artists, were selling fake shamanic culture for pennies.

I sense a lot of people selling shamanism. But if anyone can be a shaman if he/she is answering a personal calling, no one can be one without being acknowledged by its community. No one can buy a shaman title because shaman isn’t a person, it is a canalization of the help people has received from it.

I was the first that has been called this way after I work in three cities bringing healing, guidance and inspiration to people who knows me as “shamanic practicer”, as it is what I am.

Ego is a source of great power, but for transcendence, that power have to be left aside for a while. Using your ego power, or the one of famous people like gurus’ other shamans’, is always leaving you to the human level of reality, which means you can’t really work with spiritual world.

Believe what you think is true, but think this: if everyone is selling incredible healing or inspiration for free or low prices, making discounts, trying to “eat” the more “clients” they can with their “skills”, why is everyone still unhappy? Why is every client still following this “masters” instead of creating their own path?

I believe rituals must be powerful, personal, efficient, to create a change in people so they can just come once, and then use their resources to LIVE.

Plaza Mayor. Dibujo a tinta de Miguel Morea.
Plaza Mayor. Dibujo a tinta de Miguel Morea.

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