Willpower in 60 seconds


Sometimes I feel that my goal is near. It’s just a feeling, nothing measurable or concrete. It’s something I hear in my heart, like a growing warm sensation while thing are going to be the way they have to be.

People often speak about leaving your wish to the universe, love everything, and wait for god, or love, or spirits, to answer. I won’t say the contrary, but I think that being actively part of the solution doesn’t change the fact that the love, the god, or the spirit is working to help.

Is it that important to give your faith to your beliefs more than on your active power of changing things when you want it? And, if we’re part of god, of love, of spirit world, why can’t we actually do things, instead of asking for them?

Pray if you want, everyone is praying, even atheist (if possible, they do it even more) but do things too.

You have the power, your soul, if you have one, is the key of your strength. Your motivation, your willpower, the meaning you give to your life (even the “meaningless lives” have a meaning in being meaningless to the persons who thinks so of themselves) is the fuel that makes prayers real. And it is the same fuel that makes you be the first, moving toward your goal instead of your prayer.

Now, think of the most important thing you actually wish you want in your life. I’m speaking about your inner and more secret wish, the one you don’t even speak about to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you or someone else, think it is impossible, just focus on it, and think at the first little thing you can do in the next 60 seconds, to bring yourself a little closer.

Now do it! You have 59 seconds left…

Be active, be alive.

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Luca Povoleri
Clinical Psychology, Life Coach, Health Guru
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