The Spirit Within: Breathing


Everything has a spirit. It’s like a soul for living things. It doesn’t matter if you picture it as a floating coloured cloud inside things, a force that moves everything, or the breath of a god or goddess that make people live.

Spirit is meaning. Meaning can be actually real, ontologically existent in this physical reality, can be theorical or being real on another plane of existence, or can be just a thought, an idea.
Can you think anything wich isn’t in a way related to you?

Everythink you know is born from an experience you had when you were a child, or even before, when you were in your mother’s womb. AFTER you experience it, you name it.
That is the spirit of things. Experience.
The apple you’re eating, the stone you kick on the street, the cloud hiding the sun. Everything has a spirit, which means that everything has a meaning for you.

When you become aware of that, you’ll see how this spirits have power on you. Respect of the power of the spirits is the first step to get in contact with them. Either if this power is good or bad for you (in time we’ll speak about that).
You can even talk with the spirits of what’s around you. Not that you have to actually “talk” to them, but you can communicate with them, being aware of the relationship you have with your surroundings.

When you don’t listen to the spirits of your personal world, they can hurt you. And that’s where Shamanic Healing comes to aid.

But before that, why don’t you just try breathing.

Air isn’t a gas because it is “untouchable”, in fact in a way it touches everything. It’s our perception that can’t always sense it physically. So when you breathe, you’re bringing the external world, everything that the air around you have touched, inside you. And then you will bring something of you out when you blow the air. It’s an eternal cycle.

Breathing exercises will make you aware of your presence here and now, breaking every spiritual interference you should experiment when there’s conflict in the meanings of your personal world.
You don’t have to go ballistic on respiration techniques, just try breathing 3 times the deeper and slower you can and you’ll feel the difference.

The difference between an hostile and helpful spirituality is in the way your spiritual drive flows coherently with your idea of the world. Either if it is channelled through a religion or a personal belief.

The first step to a good spirituality, is to experience the flow. So breathe…

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