Zen Zombies

ohm verde“Amazing, isn’t it?

Light, universe touching you, or you touching it/him/her. Love for everyone. Everything is free, everything is love or fear.

But we don’t like fear. We love love.  Love is everything, love is light, love is loving everything.

Love is wearing crystals, beeing wonderful with yoga, meditating with candles…

We are love… and then there are the Others.

We don’t know who they are. If they are love, they are us, if they are not love, they are darkness… and we flee in front of darkness or we will be that bright ourseleves that darkness itself will be light.”

But not every light… please, if it not the last guru book light, it’s something different… wait… it can be another light?

Maybe… how much are you paying it? Are you dressing “lighty”?

We learnt to love ourself and respect our time and rythm of life. That’s why will be always loving you and respect you, but with our time. Not yours. We live now, so our word worth is now. Tomorrow may be different, because we respect ourselves changing every second.”

“Time is mine, not yours too, we have different time, so we’ll see if we catch up some day. I’ll be catching up just with someone with my same vibe… that’s how the attraction law works, so everything else that can harm me will be kept away from me.

People? People is just an illusion of my higher self. Respecting myself will be respecting you. Even if i’m not really knowing you. We’re just light without ego, we don’t need ego.

We’re dressing the same, following most famous bio trademarks, and doing what the guru/reiki master/yoga trainer is telling us to do… why does our ego need to exist, if someone else’s ego is doing it’s job for us?”

“Life don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more. I have a trauma. I don’t respect my inner child enough.

Do you want some sugar free candy? Mama didn’t love me enough. I’ll be forgiving her with time, but i’ll mourn about it for the rest of my life. Next life it’ll be better because I forgive her. I’ll have plenty of time my next reincarnation. Now I’ll find my stillness, and reiki will create a better life for me.

My chackras need a tuning… that’s why I feel bad today… and feeling awful until my tuning is done.”

“Omg, have you ever tried the sound of the crystal bowl? It’ll make you reach a higher vibrational level. There the angels will help you connecting with the Source.

I’ve experimented a huge connection last time.

Now I’m going home to hide my relationship issues to prevent its darkness to block my flow.”

So…. Zen Zombie is everyone. Everyone who can’t smile at him/herself recognizing part of this craziness as something of his/her own.

We’re all Zen Zombies because we were created by someone, and just recognizing our ZenZombiness we can try to find a cure to ourselves.

Zen Zombie is a really comfortable state where the part of your ego that can prevent you to fall in some guru or important trademark illusion, is killed by the part of your ego that is suffering and just want to stay calm, and feel fine. That’s why we take that so seriously, why we take ourselves so seriously, that seriously that we can’t quite believe in ourselves completely for all this craziness we think. We’re taking ourself so seriously we’re powering our inner censor, that is programmed by the society to think alternative world is bad, and so we underestimate ourselves giving our skills for free, or asking way too much. Se we can either autosabotaging ourself following the censor, or be punished by “ubris”.

Zen Zombie is killed by consciousness. Everything is an illusion? So what? Are you just following the flow?

Are you really giving up on you?

Connection itself isn’t anything if you can’t evolve with it.

Because doing yoga is great, but if you don’t sense the illusion your living in, after doing that, your just exercising your body.

Reiki will give you balance to actively change concrete facts of your life, it will not magically fix it.

Psychology is just an illusion if it doesn’t give you the awareness you need to change your life.

Massage is just the desperate need of contact we can’t find in ourselves if it doesn’t recover our body to keep evolving.

And so with every kind of therapy we began depending on.

That’s why quality of therapies is so low, why people just do it free for not being able to use them to create a real change, because they don’t believe in themselves. And how can you believe in yourself and in the fact you have the power to change the flow if all your energy is used to just “feed” the flow?

How can someone not being in the flow even reach the good therapies an holistic therapist know to change his/her life, if you just follow your dependence to “light” or what guru/marketing/masters tell you is light?

Don’t you see the price of this “light” is the expectation you have of yourself, the society has of your “kind”, that traps you giving reality to this new illusion?

That’s why nowadays Zen Zombies has fulfilled their use, bringing the world to know the alternative therapies, and that’s the moment they need to disengage the “light-dependence” button and go back bravely in the real world where if everything is real it’s better to laugh and enjoy reality, and if it is an illusion, being not full of yourself and take everything as relative is the only way to survive and actively do something (illusory or not).

Every therapy, everything we do, is real, just experiencing make it real for ourselves.

So it doesn’t matter anymore if what you’re experiencing is the truth or not.

Look at the news… how everyone looking at truth, a bad truth anyone likes, like war, famine, corruption, still do nothing to change it?

Are we all lazy or bad people? Is that so simple that we don’t feel we have the power to change it?

Or is it because although it’s “true”, it isn’t “real” for those who don’t “experiment” it first? Or both?

So it’s time to put to bed our inner (or usually outer) Zen Zombie, and every kind of Zombie we have been transformed to by society, recover the “ego” we falsely tried to destroy thinking it was the source of all evil, and just say: I Luca, I’m Luca. I’ll use different skills I’ve learnt without “being” them, to help you experiencing something you can use to help yourself.

Not believing, just experiencing.

So let the light, the darkness, the good, and the evil flow away using “labels” as their vessel. Just let our Zen Zombie body float away and just be ourselves, accept the eternal cycle of change and evolution, understand the cost behind every change, and simply, enjoy!

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