A year later: the shield for the Damocles sword.

It seems that a year is passed and the winds of change hasn’t arrived yet. There’s a different scent in the air though… fear, rage, false pretense of social awareness; the aim of some interested forces in the world seems to be moving people heart to willingly renounce their personal freedom.

And it’s not something from above as the eternal victims see in pretentious world-wide complots. No, it’s within ourselves… there is so many people interested in staying home for personal reasons. Work, social distance from toxic people, the “more for less” plague philosophy, living on a mobile screen, playing games, and sometimes even getting paid for being alive.

I’m not talking about social distancing or wearing masks which are simple prevention and has no color or negative value. It’s about what’s coming after this… for some people even after defeating the virus, things won’t change because they live much better in a hostage world. I’ve been seeing lot’s of unnecessary tests for instance, I’ve been forced to makes double tests just for statistics. I’ve been lied to. In the face, from those heroes that are supposed to protect our health.

I’ve been spending my money to be perfectly safe while traveling for my interviews on my book, making the tests and what happens? No one checks the result of my tests or at the contrary I have been forced to lose time and health being exposed to people in line, nurses and medical teams that asks to lower your mask to make the same exact test you’ve done (clearly negative). And the worse of all? Avoiding explanation, explicitly lying to me thinking I was a tourist.

What is this world?

The fear of death is been used to force the bare survival into our minds as a substitute of Life. And the fear of the bare survival is used to create a conflict between citizens, the ones that thinks of themselves as a part of a community and the ones that are so afraid to have no worth that just act for themselves.

This is the Covid Social and Psychological Construct the real invisible enemy that we are all facing. This is what Super-viv(i)ente manual is fighting right now in Europe as New Voice for (post)covid world, and very soon it will be in English too as “Super-living“.

The actual Covid can be dangerous for a small percentage of people, let’s face this statistical truth beyond the pure numbers, but the Covid Social and Psychological Construct has already reached us at home. No air or small particles needed, it’s already in us. And as we never really trained our mind to protect ourself from the psychic world of communication, we are wide open.

I don’t know if we can consider the simple biological survival as a meaningful way of existence. But it seems sad to see so many people thinking their human worth is so small the can just stick with that. It’s true that the simple fact of being alive doesn’t make you worth of more, but if you do something of your life, maybe even to help, to change things for yourself while remembering you’re part of something more… these things makes people worthy.

So “Super-living” is the shield I prepared forfor my people, the ones that have already made a choice in life: to live, and go beyond.

This Damocles Sword is not the virus, it’s the idea of the virus, the culture beyond that, the economy destroyed by that, and this is a way to vaccinate the mind with practical psychology accessible for everyone both literally and economically. Official channels are not the ones we usually get our information from and Super-living isn’t some cheap coaching method that inflates your ego, it’s just a very specific and universal perspective changer that will protect people for the mind-violation we receive everyday.

Post-truth has not won yet and the challengers are Super-Living people, making a choice for themselves, making a choice with others.


Coming soon on Amazon. “Super-Living: Psychological Survival 101 Manual for Lockdowns and for the New World (English Edition)”

You can buy the Kindle temporary version here.

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Dr. Luca Povoleri De Las Heras
Psychologist HR, Manager, Producer  Author
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Psychology, Mindfulness & Coaching –> info@lucapovoleri.com

Super-Viv(i)ente“, Gruppo Albatros, Roma 2020. (Libreria: Italia, España, UK)
La Creatividad en tu empresa. Como fluir en ti mismo y alcanzar tus objetivos empresariales.”, Embajada de Marca, Albacete 2016
Il telefono cellulare: tra tecnofilia e dipendenza” Sarno-Prunas-Povoleri, “Psicotech” 2 (IV), 2006, Editorial Franco Angeli

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