The Real Empowerer Experience

I needed a new definition against extremism. I have always been very sensitive to the “-isms” in words creating enemies through unnecessary polarization of “good” and “evil”. Last year I’ve been playing with the idea, being a psychologist of communication, of defining myself as “Communicationist”.

It was a neologism I wanted to use to toy with the idea that we have to “label” things to understand them. Except that lately I’ve been bored by that “-ist” at the end of the word. Why do I have to create something new, even as a joke, and use a suffix that resonates with that extremism I dislike so much?

So in the end I decided to close the chapter of “communicationism”. You know who I am now, or not (and in that case may I suggest to visit to get to know the Adventurer Me), so I understood what is my label.

I. Am. E M P O W E R E R!

I want to give power to those who has no power or to those who have a lot and doesn’t know how to use it without consuming themselves. And always through a thourough selection. And to celebrate that, here is a small list of some of “Power Features” I’ve experience with.
At your service at the right fares

★ OPTIMA VITA 360* COACHING (Personal/Business) for Life Adventurers #optimavita360

★Psychology★: – Counseling – Narrative Metaphore Redefinition – Family mediation – Mindful Sexuology – Couple Mediation and Counselin – Comunication Stye analysis and redefinition – RPT (Role Play Treatment) – Conflict Mediation

★ Advertising and Production★ Events production – Photoshooting – Videoshooting – Team Building – Company Events – Press Conferences – Photobook – Budget Sensitivity – Tailores Made 360* Management (Catering, Photographer, Assistents, Make up, Hair Attrezzo, Dj & Music, Transport, Magazines, Models etc… )

★HR Consulence★: – Coaching Optima Vita 360* – Stress Management – Empowerment y Performance Assessment – “Shining Without Burning” (Original system) – Business Optimization – Communication inward and outward – Assessment – Work Environment Analysis – Motivation – Marketing 101 – Troubleshooting – Team Building – Formation – Startup Planning

#featherlesshaman★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter] :Shamanic Mindfulness (original system) – Natural retreats – Nature Meditation – Drum Meditation – Urban Warrior Rituals – Emocional Empowerment – Shamanic Counseling – Guided meditation – Aware Spirituality – Blessings and sacred unions rituals

★ Holistic Therapies★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Mindfulness – Guided Meditation – Aware Breathing Workshop – Natural Medicine and Infusions – Self-Help Groups – Guided Meditation – Reiki – Cromotherapy – Sport Meditation – Natural Retreats – Meditation Retreats

★Holistic Psychology★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Breathing 101 Workshop – Cromotherapy – EFT – Kinesiology

★Progressive-Regressive Therapy★ [with “Pure Experience, Zero Belief” filter]: Creative Source Awakening – Inner child Changing, Healing, Evolving – Guilt and Co-Reponsability – Future Projection – Trauma reduction – Autosabotage Reduction – Collective Awareness – Emotional Balance – Problem Solving


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