My New Year Mantra for 2020-2021!

My favourite little castle photo in south of Spain during my 2020 summer travels.

The wonders of life flowing through the four elements.
The fire of the afternoon sun, the earth of the green vegetation, the air of the fresh shadows, the water of the fountain in the stillness of the peaceful garden.

This new beginning of September made me wonder about my purpose this year. I know my mission but how to be clear about how to achieve it with this strange new world?
I had to meditate and dig deeper in myself these days and I think a found my #inspiration for 2020-2021. And as always my “New Year Mantra”.

This picture I took this summer represents dearly my philosophy as a #therapist, empowerer, and fixer both for humans and human companies…
Silence reigns in my domain, unless my words are asked for, shadow to rest from the incandescent winds of this angry world, secret labyrinths to explore different realities and, just outside the picture, a castle, hidden to the lazy and accessible only to the strong. The doors are not closed, but you have to look for them, you have to make a move and accept the equal exchange principle that rules this kingdom.

Because there is no everyday life adventurer if you anestethize that persistent insatisfaction that makes your heart painfully empty of meaning and courageously craving for more.

So this is my mantra for you this post-covid new world where we co-create a better 2021.

“I am amazing the way I am but I can act better every day. I chose to love myself and to fight against those who undermine humanity. I will defy fate because evolution is made by choice. I will respect the inevitable though, because the reality of my actions is understanding where I can fight and where I can move on. I am god reflection only when I’m able to see that in the wider sky there are lots of other stars…”

With strength, love and positive energy.

Come posso aiutarti?

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