Since I was a kid i’ve always had eyes. Not the ones that you open in the morning nor the one that you can open with chackras. I just had eyes. 

For my mother

For my father. 

For my brothers. 

For my friends.

That’s why I wanted them to feel good. To feel protected. To feel secure to live with someone who would have always fought for them.

That day I felt I couldn’t protect anyone if others could see me. I couldn’t focus my skills with normal people Exposure to life. No one could see me. 

So I decided to cast a spell on me. 


No one had to see me without my permission. No one had to see my protection to those I care about. No one could have changed the course of my life if I didn’t want to.

Only those who have eyes like mine can see me. And those would have been my friends.

Can you see me?

Luca Povoleri

15 Replies to “Invisible”

    1. Sure thing, that’s why I’m here. Invisibility in real life is hard to breach, especially these days where going deep on something or someone is almost a sin. That’s why conscious invisibility doesn’t have source on the will to disappear, but on the wish of being seen only by those who can be good for you. You have to trust people to do that. πŸ™‚



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