5 am no sleep

Ever you ever woke up in the ending part of the night, the body aching for prolonged immobilized rem phase position, and with a dream that makes all your fears about life come true in a sadistically calm and peaceful way?

It happened to me this morning. I couldn’t sleep no more because my shrink mind was chewing over the meaning of what I experienced. So I decided to go and run.

I had a surgery lately and if you read my blog you know what happened yesterday and where I am right now. But I can run again… well maybe I’d be better calling it marching, or walking.

So I decided to stop the mind and move the body, going out for a Hike looking at the moon. At first my mind tried to analyse my dream thoroughly, as a restless investigator trying to solve a terrible crime, but luckily for me a dog came out of the shadows of a near house and barked me out from my masochistic state of mind, bringing me to the wonderful moon staring at me carefully enveloped in the waking sky.

I saw the mountains getting pinker, envious of the clouds, soothing my soul tormented by the fears of the night.

Luckily for me after 45 minutes I got sleepy and as I’m intended to rest I went home and go back to bed. Next hour and half of sleep was reinvigorating and the dreams I had were really good.

So maybe next time I have a bad dream I’ll try remember this day and avoid losing hours of sleep ruminating every single second of it, and I’ll have simply a moon-walk.


(I know bloggers can be pain in the ass, lately I was reading about a Proustian way of writing and I can’t help but to feel I write too much for nothing too, but you know, I’m just a mortal trying a wonderful new language for learning purposes, so if you can shrink out a few moments of your day correcting liking, commenting, and sharing my posts you’ll make my sleep so much better than tonight’s… 🙂)


10 Replies to “5 am no sleep”

  1. I love you found peace in the tranquility of nature again as it is always relaxing.
    I know you are asking for help correcting the language you are trying learn and I think you are doing great. The sentence construction is a little off sometimes in the most minute way and it will come with practice and listening to videos perhaps to learn more about how the sentences are constructed. Beautifully expressed by sure. Hope you accept your bloggers award. 😉



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