The Ladybug-Turtle Interconnection

It’s time to go back home. Yesterday’s battle  has ended and in a few hours I’ll be free again. Doctors say everything worked fine, and for the first time in so many years they see the end of the tunnel.

This is the first place I ever told someone of my long time battle against illness, but it’s time now, it’s time for me to be able to not be the strong one forever and for everybody. I’m a warrior, a spirit of light and shadow that works for the human kind to be better every day. I sacrificed a lot of my life to reach this point without “bothering” anyone.

The first 3 years I’ve been fighting alone, I allowed my partner only to help me to get through this hard path. But now that I can fly, I can move through eEurope because I have a name, I have people giving me strength and power, I wanted to share my burden with my family too.

At first they felt hurt, frustrated and scared for me and my health. They couldn’t understand why I kept everything from them. But then they understood and they began helping me during these hard days.

So yesterday before the surgery my mother gave me this. A turtle that means long live and prosper (trekkie mode my mother too eheh…) with a ladybug on his back. People close to me knows that the ladybug is one of my shamanic allies, that helped me during a really tough moment lost in Germany, lost my wallet, alone… and when my mother remembered that and gave me this good-luck gift I felt my heart refilled with love and care.

I’m not scared about surgeries. My fear and I are friends since quite a long time now, we learnt how to be together, so it’s not that I need strength to fight my battles, I have always fight them alone, but to feel some support for once… well… it’s so overwhelmingly nice

So thank you so much to everyone who has been with me yesterday with words, hopes and actions. I’ll be bringing you in my heart and be sure that all your energy I will use it to recover fast and fight your battle for a better world with you all.

Have a wonderful day you all, and thank you again for the moments you stripped from your life to let me feel better with a like, a comment, a thought. Everything goes back to you with the high sound of my blessings.


16 Replies to “The Ladybug-Turtle Interconnection”

  1. I relate with you on so many levels. Maybe not surgeries, but illness and disease. Adversity makes us stronger no matter how painful and it has helped me too to become a warrior of the light and do what I can to help the world, inspire people (hopefully) and make a difference. You are a special person and I’m happy our paths have crossed. Best wishes and healing thoughts for you. 🌷❤️😉


    1. Wow how nice and unexpected this commentary. Thank you very much for sharing this shard of you with me today. I will treasure it because in a time like this, while healing and recharging batteries, I think seeing you’re not alone is wonderful. Of course I feel sorry anyone should pass through these tests as they’re adversities and I think the less we have, the better we live, but yes they make us stronger. Although I think you’re born as a warrior, because adversities can kill you, destroy you, and not everyone is a warrior and think about it as challenges to face it for growing stronger. So thank you very much for your presence, I really appreciate it. May your healing thoughts go back to you with mine too, and let’s have a wonderful day today both of us! 🙂

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