Radical solutions to win the war (hospital day)

My flesh vessel is quite always at his top. I work out, I eat clean (mostly), I read and study. He is used to tell me what’s wrong. He is used to tell me how to make things better. And I learnt to listen to him, long time ago.

But there are some signals so weak that it’s difficult to understand them before they affect him, and things that in the end are quite… inevitable.

Today is the day I have to keep on a fight that began 4 years ago. Today they’re gonna fix me, for a while at least… or forever I hope.

Surgery. Radical. Hard.

I’m not afraid. It’s just a mechanic of my body. But yes I want to share it because, I want this to end. I want my fight to be won, and go on. I want to be free.

I accept and love life challenges, but now it’s time to pass to the next one. So I ask the universe, myself, and the surgeon, on making the perfect team and make me whole and healthy again.


If you have a moment of your time to comment, like or share… you’re simply the best….


20 Replies to “Radical solutions to win the war (hospital day)”

    1. Thank you very much for your support. Today after the surgery I feel fine and the pain is under control, so I’m grateful to the universe that I could pass this test and I’m looking forward for the next one… 🙂 Thank you for your comment, I appreciate that! 🙂

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      1. Yes, thank you very much for your commentary, sometimes the best thing about life is when you meet someone new on your path and this transforms in something good. I really hope next time in a long time away too… well I’m prepared if it starts tomorrow, but the later the better (i don’t really know if it’s good in english actually eheh)…

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    1. Thank you so much, I really feel much better today, but the best part is maintaining hope that everything will be fixed for good… Crossing fingers eheh… Have a wonderfu day and thank you again for being present with me today… 🙂

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