Saying goodbye to that summer love…

There is only one way to say goodbye to that summer love, the one who destroyed your world and make it whole again in a wonderful way for the few days/weeks you knew him/her this hot summer. Time slip by through the fingers when you are happy. When you realize the love season is over and you have to say goodbye to that special one you can stoop down and bow to the inevitability of loss or you can decide to fight!
So the day before you prepare your war bonnet and your whatsapp will increase the number of “I want to stay with you”, “I can’t leave tomorrow” or “If only we had more time…”. Than the decision: I don’t really like my job, my boss treats me with contempt, my rent is so high, I will move and stay with him/her forever!

Your innerself try to stop you, but his words will fall onto deaf ears. Omen or fear you will never know. You romantically take a cab and run like a crazy man/woman to his/her room. You say to yourself that the last night won’t be lost diving in tears, instead you’ll create a new future where you and your love can live forever in the summer waves. The rose you took from the street seems to wither in front of your love and for a moment your eyes connect for eternity. You kissed him/her, and pass some wonderful moments of finger-food sex, heart-to-heart intimacy, joyful laugh, maybe the best of the entire holidays. And then you fix the trip. You will start seeing him/her in a week, to see his/her city, prepare the bags, look for a place to stay.

Imbued with romantic mojo the next seven days fly between kisses and hearts on your messaging device. The big one from whatsapp or the rain of hearts from facebook. Your ticket is ready to bring you magically to your love on the 7th day and then, then times begin to slow. You go out the door and feel the keys getting heavy in your hands. You say hello to your neighbor, a guy in a bathrobe that always stares at you like he’s controlling every movement you do, and you may feel that something is changing inside you (not for the freak, or maybe for that too…).

You get to your plain/train/car and you begin the journey. There’s no time for time or for thinking about it. In a while you’ll receive your dose of that hot love that makes you crave for more. And then, you see him/her. He/she is wonderful: beautiful, smart, caring. And you begin your amazing weekend.

The first night: fireworks. His/her bed is burning with passion and his/her neighbors will stomp on the ceiling to make you stop. But no one can stop the train of love and the next morning breakfast coffe will taste as paradise. But then something changes. The waves are far away, the naked body on the beach now is ranting and complaining for being covered by the moderate social context of the city. The air is filled with deadlines and one of them is heavier than the others: you’re just one-two day away for the departure.

Love now have to survive his/her first enemy: the reminiscence of the first separation. You have already experimented what it feels to leave him/her. And next time you can see each other you’ll have to wait more because of work, family, friends.

This pattern can find just two different ways to continue. The first one is a repetition of the every-time-older-and-fainting-memories of the summer romance until you feel that your work pays your bills, that your boss is a son of a b*tch but everyone’s boss is, and that in his/her city the rent is crazy too. So romance will be snuffed out with the scented candles and you decide that it is over.

The second one is that love and all its sidekicks are stronger than everything and you will move to the new city, and change, and grow and be loved.

There’s no guarantee neither of this two options will be the one that will happen to you when you find (or be found by) someone during summer holidays. And if you prevent any of this stories to even begin or you belittle them just to avoid the funk you’ll be possibly be into in a few months, you’re just stop living and that’s sad.

No, you have to live them through, and in the end, in my humble opinion, there is only one way to say goodbye to a summer love, because if it is Love you’ll never have to say goodbye.


#Usetheenglishluke is special linguistic game/challenge I created thanks to the inspiration of a different amazing blogger every time. I take the words I don’t know, scramble them and than write one of my posts. 

Today’s amazing blogger is a special guest as we share a great deal of passion for our ancestors and for beautiful mountain pics: 

and the post is this:

Some days are just a little tougher than others and I’m just thinking out loud here while giving myself a pep talk. By nature I am a positive person, an optimist that always believes in the s…

Source: Endure…endure…endure

These are the WORDS I’ll use in today’s #Usetheenglishluke Challenge:

pep talk -silver lining -rant – deal with – war bonnet – slip past -mundane? – treating with contempt – words fall onto deaf ears – belittling – stoop down – funk


Remember every correction, like, share, thought, and intention you may do in your commentary are like rain for a thirsty man in the desert… 😉

10 Replies to “Saying goodbye to that summer love…”

  1. I feel very honored Luca and I can’t thank you enough. You are already an amazing writer and I love your blog. There may be some words here and there where the built of the sentence doesn’t flow as intended, but this comes with practice and time. The main thing is to keep at it and being around the language helps a lot. This may be a problem for you and maybe YouTube videos or any material in the English language can help. I learned it reading a book and translating / looking up the words I didn’t know. Much like you.
    It doesn’t have to be perfect and your passion for writing and your subjects comes through which is a talent not everybody has. Be proud of that and thank you for your kind words. ❤️

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  2. Leggero, ma profondo a suo modo. Una letteratura divulgativa, ma con sfaccettature sottili che la impreziosiscono. Molto piacevole l’idea di costruire un testo con parole di altri post, sopratutto in questo caso in cui il post aveva toni emotivi differenti. Approved!

    Liked by 1 person


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