Lake Life~

My friends know me. There are two places in the world I would live forever.

(1) I love the power and the strength of Ibiza’s sea where I was reborn again and again every time and (2) the isolation of the wilderness of my alpine mountains in Valle d’Aosta to reach that good loneliness I need for getting in contact with my spiritual core and to write.

Nature is a big part of my life. As a man. As a guide of men and women. As a professional.

When I see this post I felt my beloved mountains at my hand reach. There are a few photographers in the Digital Era who can still summon feelings, and this post brought me far away. Thank you Cindy Knoke.

Do you have any place in earth where you can find yourself lonely (the good loneliness)? I would surely choose the one in this picture. See them all with their stories in the link below.

Have a wonderful day.


Would you like to live an alpine life…

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