The Just Wolf theory

Divide et Impera. Knowledge is power. The truth makes you free. Let’s get to know who you’re dealing with. The photo comes from one of my first trips to Tuscany, my second most favourite place in Italy (here’s the first). Today I was looking at it and I was wandering: why LuPo_San?

When I was a child at one of the many schools I changed (5 schools in 8 years, I was a bad boy), they made nicknames out of the first two letters of name and surname. I arrived at the 5th grade. Last year, last semester. I was an outcast. A stranger. A no one.

But I was lucky: my nickname was LuPo. The only one in the classroom that actually made sense. You think of a boy changing 3 schools now. New classmates, new books, new challenges and fears. It made me feel accepted, like I was finally part of something. We were young (9-10 years old) and this stupid games made me feel I had friends. And it was real.

It means Wolf in Italian and curiously when I was devoting myself to latin and Greek a few years later it came out that means Lupo and Light and Light bearer in Greek.

Than I became a real fan of Japanese Anime that I see rigorously in Jap subtitled in english and I love the _San suffix they use to show respect between equals. It’s lot like Mr or Sir, there’s no difference if you have a different age, social class, success or power. The San is there to make you acknowledged. And I find it poetic and just.

So it’s not a Big Bad Wolf, It’s just a Just Wolf.

And after years working abroad, beginning every six months again and again and again (that’s the destiny of the Adventurer) I thought it’s nice to begin this second phase with a personal and warm memory and at the same time a statement. I don’t really care who am I or who are you for society, we’re jut the same.


14 Replies to “The Just Wolf theory”

  1. A well defined self-representation mean a well balanced therapeutic effect. Although it seems juvenile to fix yourself into this, it can be a really strong motivational drive, so it’s brave of you to use it. You’re a resourceful guy. I like it!

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    1. Thank you Erick for your commentary and your compliment, I’m flattered. Yes this is what I want my representation to be right now, not sure if it’s right, but it’s what I feel. 😉



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