Unserious Life

When I was a kid i wanted to be an inventor. Gyro Gearloose was my hero (yes… the duck with glasses), I wanted to transform reality because everything is possible when you know ow thing works and have fantasy enough to think outside the box.

Then Adulthood came into the game. They take away your childish dream giving you as a poor solace promises of freedom from parents, rules, schools etc…

I had the luck my parents help me with my studies giving me the chance to go to the best universities in Italy for Neuropsychology. When I began, I felt the tingling of the apparent realization of the adults promises, to finally greet this freedom they show you everytime you ask yourself why leave back the magical life of  a kid. I could use my gifts to go past the shallow reality of mediocrity and status quo to help people.

Although I couldn’t invent new “things” I thought I could rearrange reality for people whose experience was unbearable, negative or sad, snuffing out the fire of the nightmares created by minds that for many reasons doesn’t like this reality and want to flee.

After a few months however I began to see through the nectar-laced words of my teachers. I began to notice some patterns in my studies, in some theories, in some concepts people use to explain things in life. I couldn’t realize at that moment what was the meaning of that, because I wasn’t mature enough to get it. I needed more experience.

That’s why I left Italy and started learning new languages, to work outside my borders, to experience things whose chance for try is left only to belief. There’s a huge bond of information out there, but only a pithy explanation: in the small detail lays the rules for the bigger picture.

I really hope somebody is reading this because in the moment I realise the trap behind “adulthood” I understood that, as some of the philosophers back in time said, the truth can’t communicated. It has to be experimented. And when you do it even in a small part, you’ll see that the “serious” world outside is just an illusion.

When you come to have 10 years of experience in human mind you can see that there are few  adults out there, there are on the contrary lots big children driven by pre-determined path.

I think, but that is only my not so humble opinion (I admit this) that the real adult lives outside the boundaries of “serious”. He can laugh, he can experience different things, wear different masks, and never BE them. They were lying all the time: there’s no such thing has a lawyer, a teacher a psychologists. They are just masks.

That’s why language fascinates me so much. It’s like all the masks as man, as shaman, as a professional I learnt to wear. You can know a language, you can wear it, but the truth is beneath it.  

It’s not that simple as just understanding that, it’s more of a “practical” operation. To live outside the masks, even if you uses them, you just have to make a sacrifice. Be able to be “unserious”.

It’s not like some clown out there just “acting” as fools so desperate for being loved by the public, it means leaving your ego behind, and talk about star wars and talk to a multinational CEO in the same day (he/she has to give value to your words, not just “talk”). It’s sacrificing the power that comes from social recognition to become you, and no one.

I’m in this now, and usually it’s something people is scared about. They want stability, satisfying their cognitive euristics that makes them judge a book by a soundbite. That’s human nature, and it’s perfect. But at the same time every magic come with a price and the “functional” way our brain works to make us live fitting perfectely in this world has the price of flexibility.

In front of a Mask User, someone who can act many thing without being them, without losing him/herself in them will lead normal human cognitive euristic to give a 404 error. Missing evaluation. Unknown. Afraid or “too complicated”.

So please, let me be unserious sometimes, I’m an average level good guy in the end, but yes you can see me serious, you can see me nerd, you can see me spiritual… it’s just me, many masks, some feathers, but one big heart.

And if you like it, follow me we can make good company together.


(This is my first #UsetheenglishLuke post, where I take words I don’t know to make one of my post. Thank you Andrew Reid Wildman Blog !)

Proust is known for his verbose style. It appears tedious at first. Twenty pages to explain insomnia for instance. Yet the opposite of detail is the curse of brevity. A drama reduced to a digestible headline. A person’s life and death as a pithy soundbite. Proust’s aim in choosing such length was to let the […]

via A Proustian View on Being Unfollowed — Andrew Reid Wildman, artist, photographer, writer, teacher

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