Old but gold… x3

There are a few things in the world that people like. One of those is New Things.

You know, what’s new is better. That’s because you can change things that went wrong, in your life, in your relationship, in your mind.

Good thing is that with the right attitude you can go back to your Old New and take it back to rearrange it in a perfectly original way. That’s what fortunate Spanish speaking people can read in my Old article.

New is an illusion, because everything has happened before, and if it’s not happened yet in reality it is potentially happening in someone’s mind right now.

Yes you have to change your “chip” to a way that considers the affinity existing between humans, those hidden little recurrent rules that makes the DNA of our cognitive system.

Once you get there you’ll see New everywhere, and of course, on the bitter side, you’ll see a bigger picture that can frighten you. Something that your Ego can’t easily swallow.

Well of course, world is in the hands of those who dare Audenti Nihil Dificil (this is my Latin Lover part that comes out of the closet sometimes… eheh… eh…), so it’s up to you to consider whether to act and take the pill with a little sugar to get passed the checkpoint, or go back and keep doing what you’re actually doing.

Once, when I was staring with intense eyes to the sky wearing a winter coat in a newborn cold spring (yeah the picture from last spring), I would have told you that if you go back you were acting by fear and you were doing wrong, but people change. And my New Old or Old New, whatever, can be a New Gold. Except as history teaches us, sometimes Gold is metal, sometimes dinosaur juice, sometimes water… I’m not really sure what my New Gold will be, except that it’ll be new… or not.

However what I’m goddam sure about this new Gold of mine, is that it’ll never judge you for swallowing or not, the pill. Maybe it will recommend you to just decide where you want to stay and enjoy… as we’re nothing but a moment in god’s eye (and we better not give him/her conjunctivitis).

Ok… here my top3 OBG:

  1. Ehi do you know I’m in Madrid nowSecond time, maybe third… here to stay as long as the city loves me
  2. Yay I took my blog back. Not really sure why, but I think it’s for good as I’m gonna try to improve my English now. Feel free to correct me anytime.
  3. I will definetely bring my coat from Milan for the new winter… I don’t really care if you like it or not, I do… ❤

So, just trying old good Granpa WordPress to see if something can come up from going back to my past glory… don’t expect too much, and i won’t do it neither.

Sure thing: it won’t be cheap. Or most part of it won’t… I hope…

Luca Out.




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