Frozen spider webs and the heart of the mountains

The alps are like old sentinels of ancient glaciations. Here i had my first experiences in meditation and shamanic connection to world synchronicities.
I’m coming back after years, just to play my drum in loneliness, covered by the comforting hug of december fog.
The silence of the man, helps the mountains to speak out their thoughts, through their language  of leaves, frozen spider webs and resilient flies.

Still air heated by the first softer touches of the drum. Birds responding through the black lines of the branches uncovering the white sky. The woods awakened attention gives me a chill through my back. My roots going deeper in the heart of the planet as the rhythm grew in strength and thickness.
The dance of infinite men and women all around the world, in all times and places. Movement, evolution, sound.

I feel lucky to have the chance to move for work in Europe. But when i can save some time for me and go back to my mountains, everything fades away.

What is real, just touches your heart. No words, philosophies or treatments can do the same.

I have 30 years and I already reached good level clients, I have great university psychology degree and a 360 formation giving me hundreds of different way to help people, but in the end this drum, this nature, this simple and pure ego-free experience is one of the best I know. And, luckily, it’s one of my greatest passion.

Mountains say hello…





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