Are spirits real?


Who are you? Is that your real name? What is the connection between brain and mind?Are they the same or different things existing in two different levels of reality? This is not one of those utterly dsiappointing posts where someone try to convince you of something difficult to believe…

Spirit is a word. It has a wide definition, and it can be used in a lot of different situations. Depending on the languange, the culture, the person.

So why losing time defining it? You have the answer to that, and I’m sure it’ll fit your world as much as you want it.

Last day I was having a great practice session with my shamanic circle in Madrid. Skype is a great way to connect physical world like the drum to connect to spiritual world.

When we began sharing experiences on the practice we were doing I was considering how useless it can be share experiences of a spiritual practice after a ritual.

With the persons who comes to me for my services, I always make my rituals speak for themselves. Words are illusory tools to create a fake “material” base to the experience, like you want to bring mind in the real world instead of the brain. It’s two different things.

If you want to try shamanic healing, try a shamanic practicer who doesn’t tell you it will heal you, for spiritual world doesn’t necessarily manifest in the material world. Spirits are real when your experience is real. So if during the ritual you experience physical manifestation and call it spirit, or just a thought, an idea, a different perspective, I tell you that is a spirit too.

Modern shamanism just means you don’t have to believe, to make it work.

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