You don’t need feathers to fly


Modern spirituality is expressing your wish to fight gravity and touch the sky. It doesn’t have dos and don’ts. You just have to do what it takes to get there.
Being true to yourself is the only spiritual law that is real. And understanding that “yourself” isn’t real, is the only key to respect it.

Modern shamanism It’s not about nature and plants, or drugs and evasion from routine. It’s about reality.
Technology, social network, politics, cooking, sports, new cultures etc… everything is part of the world, as nature is. So don’t expect nothing old way. You can call it life-hacking or life-surfing, but in the end, it’s just a way to ease your path to your sky. This way you’ll see that you don’t need feathers to fly. Our ancestors have done it right for ages, and now things changes, but with the same desire of infinity.

The spiritual world can be real or an avatar of our subconscious and I won’t show you philosophy, dogmas, or ethical/moral laws. That’s why spirituality, science and religion can coexist independently, live together and even go the same way.

Let’s try the power of our ego, burn it to reach the limits of your soul, and forget it to merge into the ocean of humanity.

Here begins my journey to my ego exploitation to open portals for people to come in and travel. I hope to find other portals to make me travel in different worlds, cultures and perspectives as well.

My portals will help you to travel to yourself, to find your life-wish and make it real. That’s my domain.

Contact me at for more information.

And if you have something to share, please, leave it down here.


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