“Super-Living: Psychological Survival 101 Manual for Lockdowns and for the New World” is officially published today on Amazon.

This Easter is the perfect moment to close a chapter in human history and transform ourselves to reach a higher ground.

It is a 3h reading psychological first aid that helps against Covid Psychological and Social Construct lockdown and restriction consequences on our physical and mental health.

I want to help you fight fear and misinformation with a simple book, always under 10$ to be affordable to everyone all around the world.

Join the Super-Living Humans by empowering your inner and outer territory expoloration through this social project for accessible psychology both conceptually and economically.

Book Team:
Author: @lucapovoleri
Photos: @peterlopezdlh
Proofreading: @lashendadeco

Buy “Super-Living: Psychological Survival 101 Manual for Lockdowns and for the New World” on Amazon.

(You can read the first pages for free on Amazon: https://leer.amazon.es/kp/embed?asin=B08XZQ4934&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_DA29BB4DN6K0X48MAF2Z

Official translation of “Super-Viv(i)ente” international pubblication from Albatros Il Filo Publishing, in the best libraries of Italy, Spain and UK.

Official Book-Trailer on youtube (you can see it below too):

+Info&Support for Super-Living Humans:

Please, share, like, support… anything you do to help this solidarity project is something you’re doing for yourself and for the people you care about.


Dr. Luca Povoleri De Las Heras
Psychologist  Producer  Author
fb: drlucapovoleri
ig: lucapovoleri
+34 664 35 40 95
+39 347 09 60 79 4
Psychology, Mindfulness & Coaching –> info@lucapovoleri.com

“Super-viv(i)ente Super-Living 2 [No] War”,LucaPovoleri.com, Madrid, 2022.
Super-Living“, LucaPovoleri.com, Madrid, 2021. (Worldwide Amazon english translation of “Super-viv(i)ente”)
Super-Viv(i)ente“, Gruppo Albatros, Roma 2020. (Libreria: Italia, España, UK)
“Kratimus: Il Passo delle Stelle”, LucaPovoleri.com, Milano, 2020. (Terza edizione)
“Kratimus: Il Seme di Luce”, LucaPovoleri.com, Milano, 2018. (Seconda edizione. Non disponibile)
“Kratimus: La chiave dei Sette Cieli”, LucaPovoleri.com, Milano, 2017. (Seconda edizione. Non disponibile)
“Kratimus: Il Passo delle Stelle”, LucaPovoleri.com, Milano, 2015. (Seconda edizione. Non disponibile)
La Creatividad en tu empresa. Como fluir en ti mismo y alcanzar tus objetivos empresariales.”, Embajada de Marca, Albacete 2016
Il telefono cellulare: tra tecnofilia e dipendenza” Sarno-Prunas-Povoleri, “Psicotech” 2 (IV), 2006, Editorial Franco Angeli

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🇮🇹 Nelle migliori librerie e online: Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Gruppo albatros, Libreria Universitaria, Libraccio, Amazon…
🇪🇦 En las mejores librerías y online. Actualmente en Amazon, Europa Ediciones, Europabookstore, Agapea.
🇬🇧 In international bookstores and online. Right now online on Amazon, Europabookstore.
🌐#google –> “Luca Povoleri Super-viv(i)ente”

🇬🇧 Available for Kindle download and paper book on Amazon.

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