Sub-living people won’t like this… but luckily we can start selecting our social narrative sources

Today is the end of a long trilingual publishing process began with a personal solidarity effort to create an affordable and universal psychologic first aid to overcome the effects of the Psychological and Social Construct of Covid.

The virus may be a threat for a small part of the population, but the culture of the virus, the fake news, the misinformation, sensationalisms and those odd numbers that never fully convinced lots of people is creating fear, anxiety, rage, depression while destroying our economical future in this pandemic.

It is the end of a long year of efforts and still the chance, the sparkle, the hope of the beginning of a movement already born in Europe and finally ready to get to every english speaking person in the world.

Super-living people wants to go beyond what’s told and to be able to self-write their own story by being aware of collective and personal narration of life. They’re able to be citizens and part of community, but they’re ready to be individuals, aware of their own power and limitations, able to be self-dependent and to trust selected people. People means Humans, no gender, race, religion, political etc… difference, we a species, equals.

No slogans, charismatic coaching or fake smiles… the positive realism of the “Super-viv(i)ente” is real and useful to people thank you to the effort of
… my husband Peter Povoleri De Las Heras for the photos in the book and graphic consulence,
… it was a valid Spanish adaptation thanks to the proofread help of my Super-viv(i)ente Life Adventurer friend and part of my family Gemma Gonzalo Lopez
… and today, finally, it is in english too, thanks of the efforts of my Super-living bilingual Life Adventurer friend La Shenda Deco that proofread my english to make it better of this post…

This is not a promotional post. Everyone involved in this project are Life Adventurers chosen for their Super-living actitud toward life.
These people made this project real and I’m super grateful for that.

Available online now for my Life Adventurers, while the official release date: will be April 2nd, 2021.

You can read the first pages for free here:…

Check official release and support this social project:

And remember that we may be friends in life and social, but there is nothing we can share more than a common goal and effort toward the faster solution of this crisis.

My voice against fear and misinformation is at the service os Super-living allies, able to see implicits and read beyond the lines.

With Strength, Love and Energy.


Please share.



Dr. Luca Povoleri De Las Heras
Psychologist HR, Manager, Producer  Author
fb: drlucapovoleri
ig: lucapovoleri
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+39 347 09 60 79 4
Psychology, Mindfulness & Coaching –>

Super-Viv(i)ente“, Gruppo Albatros, Roma 2020. (Libreria: Italia, España, UK)
Super-Living“,, Madrid, 2021. (Worldwide Amazon english translation of “Super-viv(i)ente”)
La Creatividad en tu empresa. Como fluir en ti mismo y alcanzar tus objetivos empresariales.”, Embajada de Marca, Albacete 2016
Il telefono cellulare: tra tecnofilia e dipendenza” Sarno-Prunas-Povoleri, “Psicotech” 2 (IV), 2006, Editorial Franco Angeli

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🇮🇹 Attualmente disponibile in: Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Gruppo albatros, Libreria Universitaria, Libraccio, Amazon…
🇪🇦 Enero 2021. Actualmente en Amazon, Europa Ediciones, Europabookstore, Agapea.
🇬🇧 Enero 2021. Right now online on Amazon, Europabookstore.
🌐#google –> “Luca Povoleri Super-viv(i)ente”
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