How D.U.M.B. are we in Covid19 virological warfare?

Nature is democratic and meritocratic. You may be a prince or a commoner and still everything will be the same (more or less) for important things like mortality, relations and above all the role you have in your community, which means for civilized humans: citizenship responsibility.

But try to tell this to a child-like mind, the one that if you are between 1 and 10 yo is totally normal but that can be absolutely out of order if you should be technically an adult.

So let’s begin this with a first assumption: we are all D.U.M.B. so it’s notย a bad thing but we have to aware of it.

Let’s see what is D.U.M.B. and what’s different from normal “dumb” (because they’re not the same thing).

D.U.M.B. stand for Divinely Untouchable Masters of Bubblemaking. It’s a state of mind where fantasy and self-declarations began reality (clearly only in oneself mind…).

When we are children we can’t really understand what is outside and inside our experience of the world. We feel like gods that can evoke food, heat, pleasure of cuddling and in general everything we need.

Still or parents tried their best but as we were never little gods in the first place they were not our reality to shape. They averagely provided caretaking and as much love as they could be.

Actually if we run a statistic worldwide (which means taking in consideration all cultures and population) we will see that most of us has a poor childhood caretaking, wether it was for economical, sociological or psychological reasons.

So being D.U.M.B. is a natural state with no ethical or value judgement. It’s ok, it’s like thinking as a child-young teenager. On the other hand giving all trust in your D.U.M.B.ness like it’s representation of reality is actually real, that could be classic “dumb”. In all other cases it’s just a state of mind.

The thing is that being an adult means getting inside a system of citizens creating a self-dependent community of people where being too D.U.M.B. means a poorer contribution or even a bad influence.

So what does D.U.M.B. really means and what we can do to be aware and possibly change.

D.U.M.B means to feel invincible because unaware of our limitations (which can be for lack of knowledge or for a choice) or for a self-proclaimed superiority based on abuse and prevarication.

Divinely for the god-like invulnerability and almighty feeling some people may believe they have.ย  “We think so we are” like magical thinking in the childhood.

Untouchable by definition, as they think they rule over reality just with their thoughts.

Masters as any untrained person who feeds on tutorials and sees masters or idiots everywhere.

Bubblemaking as child-like mindset where wonders comes from shining things whose consistency is bubble-like.

Now let’s see how D.U.M.B. can apply to #covid19 situation. Take this little test and check how many of this behaviours you have:

– I am not risk-population so I’m immune to covid.

– Masks will protect me wether others are wearing or not.

– I didn’t see corpses so I don’t think Covid is real

– Older people are a right sacrifice to save the world so we should just let them have covid and go on.

– I live by fear because covid can kill us all.

– If I stay home and don’t see anyone I’m saving the people I love.

– There are people of certain ethnicity or population that are more likely to have covid.

– There are people of certain ethnicity or population that deserve to have covid.

– Internet has lots of free and secret information no-one wants us to know about covid.

– I am smarter then others (even if I have no medical degree and no direct access on reliable scientific datas) so I can find my own way of prevention

– I will forward any information that arrives to me especially if it makes me feel afraid or shocked about some unconfirmed rumour. And if it asks to share it to everyone, I will definitely do it to save humanity.

So now, if you have 5 or more of these behaviours you’re D.U.M.B. as hell and probably a danger for yourself and the others.

If you have at least 1 behaviour you’re D.U.M.B. enough but at least you try to be aware of it and that makes you a person changing and evolving.

If you have 0 behaviours you’re probably unaware of yourself. Be real… no-one is perfect and here on my webpage you won’t find judgement, just sparkles of awareness because I want you powerful and #aware of your place in humanity evolution.

This is not a ridiculously shallow influencer based unofficial psychological tests, it is just a way to make you understand that we’re all D.U.M.B. and that doesn’t mean we are “dumb” too. It’s not about how much of these behaviours you have, because we all have some part of our child-mind active every moment, it’s about being able to get feedback and to leave some part of your thoughts to a “doubt check”.

In this #covid19 biological warfare this means to be a citizen and try to stick to what your government and worldwide sanitary authorities say you have to do. That should be a choice of course and your main result is to be stronger than fear and act being prudent instead.

In this situation our strength is to be together and be humble enough to follow science as much as we can.

If we don’t agree with the government it’s ok… we can have opinions hopefully based on scientific facts taken by official and solid sources. In this case the we are the worse way we would express it by creating fear, terrorism and hate or by not respecting the will of the community.

The D.U.M.B.less we are at disagreeingdisagreeing with some choices from above the best way we’ll communicate it with the right means and without putting at risk others.

We already saw what happened to those who didn’t protect their people by proclaiming the law of the strongest. Now they’re stepping back because even the D.U.M.B.est can’t fight numbers. So we’re past the conspiracy theory.

Now we have to act accordingly.

And to those who is doing it even understanding their natural D.U.M.B.ness and fighting it: with you is my heart and all my shared strength. We’re allies for an improved #postcovod19 world.

May our strength create and maintain the aware changes human kind need.

With love, strength and energy.



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