Wood: Pine
Time: 16 h
Tools: Scalpels

When I was a child I played. A lot. Fantasy was my ally and my master in a way. So when I first had to use my recentely acquired woodcarving skill it was natural that I had to use them to do silly stuff.

I was enjoying my summer at Como Lake with my partner and my friends and I found some wood we used when refitting our lake house. It was a dream, recreating life out of the wonderful memories of my childhood with the help of my love and and bessing of my family.

And then some wood reamained and I always liked those signs in bed&breakfast and restaurants where they tell you where the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room is by using a hand pointing the right way. So that’s why “Punamano” was born. Litellarly “Pointing Hand” it was useful to study human features for the first time, it was fun, and it gave me the chance of transforming one of the last pieces of the old house into something new.

Things say they have memory of old times. Someone thinks they’re in their stories, some say it’s in their defects or in those tdetails of daily using them, some say everything as specific energetic signature, a kind of soul, and I like to think this wood will maintain all the good things of our old family house while creating a new way of wonderful new memorie by directly pointing us the right direction to take.

Enjoy. πŸ˜‰

Luca Povoleri


7 Replies to ““Puntamano””

    1. Thank you Esme Upon the Cloud, this one was quite fun to make, right now it’s pointing to the sky reminding me of what amazing future we have if we just lift our eyes to look above the line of human limitations. So maybe it’s pointing to Esme eheh… there are clouds right now! πŸ˜€ Have a great day! πŸ˜‰

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