200 One

I want to do magic. I’ve always wanted to. And sometimes I feel I can. Other times though, when a spell goes so well it even surpasses your imagination, you start to wonder: am I doing magic, or magic is doing me?





Scrooge McDuck told us a dime can create an empire. But what will you do when you’ll be ruling yours?

Damn, I feel so stupid and naive, but I don’t even want an empire. I don’t really care about +1s. So anytime I see a +1 on followers, anytime I see a like on my stuff, I have to ask myself, what does this mean to me? What am I going to give?

Because if we speak about inspiration as I do on work, let’s face it, I don’t want to inspire the way internet works, I don’t want to teach the way internet works, and unfortunately all the juicy stuff I do in Real Life can’t be shared here because of their delicate nature.

So why do I write? What can I offer to you guys back to make every +1 count?

And than I got it:


E Pluribus Unum.

It’s written on a dime if google says the truth. “From many creating One”.

So every single +1 is a part of many creating a one.  You can’t see it, but you’re creating a One here. And we’re 200!

I’ve been feeling Moody lately, lots of things happening, Christmas,work etc… so sometimes I forget my responsibilities even if they’re very limited and I’m sorry I disappeared. But this 200 One still exists beyond this blog… I can’t share it 100% with you because of it’s nature  because as I said all the juicy stuff I do for work are covered in secret, but it’s alive and it’s working!

So it’s like you have to have faith. Faith that by giving this little +1 you’re creating a wonderful effect on the world.

I can only thank you for your trust, and assure you that every little +1 dime will be put to good use for a good purpose.

Have a great day.



16 Replies to “200 One”

    1. Hello Esme, thank you so much! I was reading your blog, I like your style, so +1 for you too! Have a wonderful new year, and yes all together toward a better connection between each other! 👍💯🌹

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