George Clooney lives in front of me in Como Lake. I never think about it, but it’s quite cool actually and I would totally accept a coffee at his house anytime!

This outstanding corner of the world that inspired some of the most important authors and poets of all times has so much more to offer beyond celebrities though.

That’s why my partner and I renovated my grandfather house last year preserving it’s history. We want to recreate that wonderful energetic fluid that can be found only where nature and man are living together harmoniously.

Today I’m here in Pognana writing to you after an incredible day spent between great leandscapes and making persimmon jam from our trees. This is a wonderful place and today the light was so beautiful I wanted to remember it by taking some pictures.

If you like to see I created a public album on facebook and I’ll update it every time I’m going to Como Lake.  I’m not a photographer but there is emotion and a lot of joy, and who knows, maybe I can transmit it to you.


(I made my profile public again as, you know, facebook is dead already, so it can be again a good way to connect to good people as there is less interest in getting lots of useless friends. So if you like to get to know me more just add me, I will accept. 🙂)

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