23 Replies to “Transformation”

    1. Thank you my friend… It was born as a “no time” little thing but then it changed a lot as when I was writing it my father messaged me my second dog was gone… After a lot of suffering I’ve have experienced too as I had to change all my plans last week in Italy to help them with her and the vet. So I dedicated it to her… trasformation is the true reality and I’m sure she is happy in heaven following his aunt who was waiting for her. Either if this heaven is real or it’s in my mind I wish this wonderful creatures that gave me so much during 14 years of my life a huge world of love and happyness to rest.

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      1. 😔 I’m so sorry to hear about your loss and wished that our furry friend could be with us longer. They bring so much joy and she sounds like she did just that for you. Hugs ❤️

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